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How to stop USB noise in my DAC from my Laptop (mac)

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by indigo bob, Jan 27, 2017.
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  1. Indigo Bob
    I'm sorry for my absence.  I have been a bit swamped for school and making time to be able to go to canjam this weekend.
    I will continue to pursue this once I am caught up on my work.
    I am grateful for the help you individuals have offered and I am sorry to be out of contact lately and for the near future.
  2. U-3C

    No need to apologize. ^_^

    We all have lives. Do whatever you need to do first.

    This is just a weird place on the internet where people get obsessed over music players for some reason and pay millions for then. :p
  3. Synthax
    Any solution? :)
    I have static noise, very little but audible always when I plug usb cable to Macbook Air. Mac i battery powered, cable shielded. No noise whet IPhone is used as source for usb dac (Moon 230HAD). No noise whet other usb devices plugged in...
    What is wrong with Air?
  4. bigshot
    Can you take it to an Apple store for a checkup?
  5. Synthax
    Macbook Air I have is 7 years old. The cost of official check would be high. And in my opinion it is not worth. All other usb gear gear work OK with these usb ports. The music sound right except this little noise (to me it sound like a very little pink noise). During last days I have found a users having that issue with Airs. Maybe some IFI stuff can solve the problem but I have to check it before buy.
    I have no noise with Ipad and Iphone as sources to DAC but the dynamics and overall quality is unfortunately lower than with Macbook. Mac runs with the battery. So for now I have only idea that Macbook usb architecture is bad engineered in this model...
    Is there any possibility to check it with software level?
  6. bigshot
    It sounds to me like a hardware problem. If you play an MP3 off the Mac's hard drive through the headphone out is the sound there too? If not, that would be a good workaround.
  7. Synthax
    With headphone jack output is is completely silent.
  8. Whazzzup
    Stop using a computer and use a high quality server
  9. Synthax
    Which models do you recommend to not spent to much $ ?:)
  10. Whazzzup
    I can’t say as not cost much and quality server do not compute. Folks try diy cheaper end routes with raspberry pi etc, I don’t know anything about those. I have a thread to antipodes DX butthats way out of your range, shame cause they do make a difference, but all servers are not the same.
  11. bigshot
    Just play it using iTunes on the Mac if that sounds clean. The internal DAC in Macs are every bit as good as external DACs.
  12. ginetto61
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  13. JulienS
    I have the same problem, noise through all the USB outputs into my DAC. I noticed that happens only when the notebook is connected to the mains. When it is on battery, all the USBs are totally silent.
    Any ideas how to solve this? Thanx
  14. sonitus mirus
    For ground loop issues, I would recommend placing a standard version Intona usb 2.0 hi-speed isolator between your notebook and DAC. It may not resolve your specific problem, but it is no gimmick and it certainly might help.

  15. JM1979
    A cheap solution to try is the Audioquest Jitterbug. I had success with that in the past.
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