How much demand is there for a 1997 Headroom Max headphone amp?
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Jan 24, 2007
I'm just wondering how much demand there is for one since I'm thinking about putting mine up for sale. I bought it new for $1333 after the review came out in Stereophile in the '90s. ( Also, I'm working on making 15 posts in order to be able to post to the for sale forum.
Thanks for letting me know.
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You'll likely have far better luck selling this amp on audiogon, where the old Stereophile reviews & ads hold sway and will even be remembered (by some). On head-fi, I'd think the interest would be more geared towards its place in headphone history; you'll have some curious about the sound. I had a '97 Max several years back; it was a VERY warm (even dark) sounding unit, even with the "brightness" filter engaged. It's one of the amps I think of when recalling examples that break the typical stereotypes of "SS == Bright" and "Tubes == Warm". Their 2004 Max had a completely different tonal balance. 

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