1. lextek

    Headroom Max Headcount

    Just curious how many Headroom Max's are out there? Bob
  2. JorgeC

    AKG K550 Balanced Now Available at HeadRoom

    Hey Everyone,   HeadRoom has recabled the new AKG K550 to balanced-drive using our exclusive Cardas 'Fat Pipe' headphone cord with spectacular audio results. The improved acoustic performance of the K550 under the control of a balanced head-amp is especially amazing given this headphone's...
  3. Fearless1

    Headroom Max amp

    Heya,   I was looking for a new SS amp to play with and I came across an older model Headroom Max amp. I can't find much info about the power specs and/or many reviews. The couple of reviews I have found are positive. I was wondering if any of you own/used to own one of the older models...
  4. MaximumRoom

    How much demand is there for a 1997 Headroom Max headphone amp?

    I'm just wondering how much demand there is for one since I'm thinking about putting mine up for sale. I bought it new for $1333 after the review came out in Stereophile in the '90s. (http://www.stereophile.com/headphones/261/index.html) Also, I'm working on making 15 posts in order to be able...
  5. HeadRoom Balanced Max Amp

    HeadRoom Balanced Max Amp

    HeadRoom’s flagship Max amplifier is nothing short of an all-out assault on the world of headphone audio amplification and serves as the gleaming culmination of HeadRoom’s 13-year quest to create the finest headphone amp available. We employ a painstakingly high-quality build design that...