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How Many Times Have Your LCD3 Headphones Been Returned to Audeze for Servicing (RMA)?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by sweetmeat, Jun 16, 2015.
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  1. Nitreb
    Odd, my XC are 4 years old and still run fine.
  2. lenkiatleong
    I'm still crossing my fingers and don't know when my XC will stop working again. It has been 10 months since last repair in Dec 2017. What headphone amp are you using to drive your XC? 4 years without failure is amazing.
  3. attmci
  4. Nitreb
    Either an O2 amp or the headphone amp of my Integrated amplifier.
  5. BeyerMonster
    I purchased XC and 3 in 03/2014.
    XCs have had no issues. 3 had left driver failure twice, in 05/2015 and 07/2016. While more reliable, I don't think my 3 sounds as good as it originally did and the earpads they replaced it with are very similar ot the ones on my XC and clearly not as nice as the originals.
  6. HBen
    Sad to report that it I also joined the club of people having a driver failure on their LCD3. Came out of nowhere. Just stopped working.

    Timing was really bad ... just one month after the 3 year warranty is over...

    Now the official audeze importer charges me 430$ for the repair of the driver which takes 4-6 weeks (including shipping to and from Europe). The dealer offered me a new one for 1500, "so that I can listen to music again quicker" ...

    Cannot really say that I'm happy ... especially after hearing all those positive stories about audeze's accommodating customer service and driver failures being looked at on a "case by case-basis".
    For whatever reason obviously not in my case ...
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2018
  7. SonicTrance
    I wonder if they have a policy on who pays for return shipping. My LCD-XC's recently broke and I payed $500 for driver replacements + an extra $50 for shipping from Sweden. I believe that Audeze pays for return shipping but not sure (they are not done yet). When my LCD-3's broke they paid for everything as they were under warranty.

    Also find it strange that the LCD-3 drivers are less expensive than the LCD-XC drivers, yet the LCD-3's are the more expensive headphone.
  8. lenkiatleong
    Sounds like XC buyers are losers. I will not buy Audeze product again once my XC is out of warranty. It went in for drivers replacement twice already in less than 1.5 years.
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  9. HBen
    I don't think that's the case actually. It seems to me that it's not Audeze who makes the final prices for the repairs, but their distributors in the respective countries. Unless you bought and repair directly from/at Audeze.

    Official Audeze prices for driver repairs are obviously as follows: "The LCD-3 is $375, the LCD-X/XC is $325, and the LCD-2 is now $250" ...
    Seems like the distributors take the difference of these prices and what we actually pay for shipping, handling, currency fluctuations, administrative costs (or profit). In my case, the difference is not that big.

    The price or the price differences are not what is see as a problem though.
    What I don't understand is the fact that when reading through this thread it's quite obvious that there seems to be a design flaw and I still obviously need to pay for the repair.

    Who expects a 2000$+ headphone to simply break down after 3 years or very light and careful usage? If you're confident about your product, why not make a 5 or 10 year warranty?

    The problem is that because these headphones are so expensive you basically have no choice but to repair them. If you don't you loose even more, because nobody will pay much for a broken headphone.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2018
  10. SonicTrance
    Interesting. Where did you find that info?

    They're also replacing the earpads on my XC's btw. They did not replace those on my LCD-3's.

    Also, my XC's have nothing to do with Swedish retailers. I bought mine used from a forum member here from the US.

    Anyway, they should have lifetime warranty on their drivers!
  11. HBen
  12. SonicTrance
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