how do you carry your iem?
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Originally Posted by sidewinder /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I also use this same pouch to carry my new Ety ER20 earplugs.

Hey... that looks exactly like a little pouch I have for my wireless laptop mouse. Also... I just put mine in the Westone nylon hard pouch that came with my UM2. Easy to do while walking.
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Originally Posted by bebanovich /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I put them in my pocket and got some George Clinton and P-Funk in my ear. It's really a better experience than you think.

Now, that kind of funk I can deal with!
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not if you are walking, which is sort of why i asked the question. most of what ppl do seems to require you to sit down and be stable.

I don't do that at a table. I stop walking for a few seconds and then put them away like that. I hold them in one hand while wrapping it around itself with the other hand. Place the Shures on top of the iPod, place them in the case at the same time, zip it up, throw it in my bag and go. Should take more than 10 seconds. I walk everywhere so I know this works while on the go. Once you get good at it you don't even have to stop walking. I can put them away like that on the move.
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UE hard case does the trick, has room for extra tips and an impedence adapter as well.
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my iems+ksc75 and my mp3player fit in the small one
yes there is some soft stuff on the inside
waterproof+shockproof what more can you wish.
oh yeah and nobody tries to steal this anyway

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