how do you carry your iem?
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I use a top loading gameboy advanced elasticated belt bag the i "stole" from my son. It is tall enough that my iMod+supermini glued back-to-back goes to the bottom and leaves a nest for the wound up iem's at the top so I dont have to unplug them
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somebody had an interesting idea that involved using tiny medicine containers just big enough to fit around each earpiece to prevent snapping off the stems. I have yet to try this but it sounds like a great idea for summer carrying. The shure zipper case is a bit bulky for jeans pocket but it is what im currently using.
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When they are not in use, I just started using an Altoids Sour Chewing Gum (cherry flavor of course
) for my Atrio M5s. I use the case that came with the Atrios for extra tips, the cleaning tool, etc., and leave it at home.

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Out and about I just leave the ER4P in my ears. At home when I'm not using them I place the tips inside the zippered case and half-way zip up (just so the tips don't get dust on them) with the cable loosely coiled on top my dresser. Like someone already mentioned, I think bending the cable sharply to fit in the case is bad for the wires.

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The plastic case my 2nd gen nano came in will hold my nano, a pair of Atrio m5s, and every type of tip and tool needed.
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I generally use either the Shure zipper case (E500, E2c) or the metal box or leather pouch for my UE sf5p. I *never* put them in my pocket as I'm paranoid about getting something funky in my ear as a result.
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Originally Posted by vo328 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I *never* put them in my pocket as I'm paranoid about getting something funky in my ear as a result.

I put them in my pocket and got some George Clinton and P-Funk in my ear. It's really a better experience than you think.
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I keep them loose around my neck, in a shirt pocket, or in a plastic case of the sort that holds a name tag and stuff in two zippered compartments (about 3 inches square) that hangs around the neck. All of the solutions seem rather bulky unless one is carrying a bag to put them in. Does anyone have a solution that protects the phones and that fits comfortably in bluejeans?
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Originally Posted by Digitalbath3737 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Like this:

Along with a spare pair of foamies. Takes about 10 seconds to put them away like that.

not if you are walking, which is sort of why i asked the question. most of what ppl do seems to require you to sit down and be stable.
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Originally Posted by PhantmShado /img/forum/go_quote.gif
curl the wire around some fingers and then drop in a pocket, has yet to be a problem


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