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Houston Head-Fi Meet #1 on October 25

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  1. Kasp3r
    I might go [​IMG]
  2. earache Contributor
    I'm in with various odds and ends to bring...
  3. hardbop Contributor
    I can be there. I still don't have any gear worth mentioning, save for the HF-1's, though.

    I'm out of school now, so I might be in the market for some audio bliss soon.

    Let me know if anything needs to be done. I'm willing to help in any way I can.
  4. Than
    I'm pretty sure I'll make it to this. I'm really excited about it, I've never been to a meet before. I'm looking at picking up a SR-325i between now and then.
  5. Orcin Contributor
    Excellent. Circle the date on your calendar, get your gear organized, keep the thread bumped, and save some money for all the stuff you will want to buy after the meet!
  6. pabbi1 Contributor
    Maybe, maybe, maybe... [​IMG]
  7. Orcin Contributor
    Ok, maybes are good... it's still 2 months away. [​IMG]
  8. s1rrah
    BTW, Orcin ...

    My roommate is tentatively planning on attending as well ... so you might want to factor in another person to your list of attendees.

    Just a heads up ...

    Thanks .

  9. shellylh Contributor
    Hi Orcin,

    I am wondering if we should change the title to "Houston Mini-Meet October 25" (i.e. take out the "IC"). I think we have enough interest.... now we just need a venue. [​IMG]
  10. swt61
    Barring some unforeseen emergency I'm a pretty definite attendee.
  11. jazzychu
    I must have been busy lately since I did not find this invitation until today.

    Where is the general location of this meet? I know within an hour I probably can go anywhere in Houston, assuming I10 is not closed...........

    I don't mind pitching in $15 ahead of time if you need to reserve that clubhouse, even if I can not attend in the end. I appreciate that someone is doing this in Houston. When was that last time meet held in Houston, if ever?
  12. Orcin Contributor
    Good idea, Shelly. Done!

    We are still tentative on the location, jazzychu. Thanks for stepping up with that offer. My area is Missouri City/Sugar Land, if we end up down here. I'll post more here soon. I'm still working on that clubhouse location and/or better alternatives. It's pretty certain that we will need to take up a collection, but I am trying to find something that we could cover with 10-20 people pretty easy.

    I'm also looking for someplace that can provide enough tables and outlets to handle what we are bringing. You'd be surprised at the reactions I get when I tell people we are looking for space to host a meeting of a err... headphone club. [​IMG]
  13. Than
    Would it be alright if I invited a couple of friends? They don't have any gear per say, unless I talk them into it before the meet, but are interested enough.

    I just got a headsix, so I'll be bringing that along. Sugar land is a bit out of the way for most people isn't it? I don't know how long it takes to get there from my house, and I'll probably go regardless, but we could probably find something more central, right? If I'm the only one who thinks this, just disregard it. We still have plenty of time.
  14. Orcin Contributor

    Originally Posted by Than /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    we could probably find something more central, right?

    Feel free to arrange something. [​IMG]
  15. Than
    I wouldn't even know where to begin, to tell the truth. I really appreciate the effort on your part. It'll probably be a long drive no matter where it is anyway.
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