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Home-Made IEMs

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  1. Elashri
    hi everyone!
    im new to this site and bit overwhelmed from the mechanics of it
    so if its a common question i would love if someone could point me to where can i find something similar.

    i want to build my first DIY CIEM and dont know exactly wich drivers to go with
    ive got recommendations for the GK31732, Bellsing10013 and the GV32830
    im looking for accurate sound with good and full bass and clear but not harsh treble
    i have the knowlage and capability to add to the existing cross if necessary.
    i would love to hear your opinion on which driver i should choose and what damper and electric mods to fit it with.

    BTW do someone have a link to aliexpress for a suitable safe to use resin? (i saw here that the cheap staff isnt good to be in contact with skin).

    thank you all in advanced!
    looking forwards to start my build.
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  2. eunice
    GK I did not like at all. If have built approx 10 Knowles GV and *ALL* of them lost their bass driver after a few weeks of use. It might be my fault, but I cannot recommend it. As you probably know by know, I am a huge fan of Bellsing 10013 + Zobel and Finale 2.

    Resin via Ali is probably expensive, it's not easy to be shipped. But go for Dreve Fotoplast or Pro3Dure if you can, Egger is also ok.
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  3. icarusforde
    Morning all.

    Been experimenting with building shells over the last few months or so, with a bit of a gap in the middle. Originally planned on just throwing a GK31733 in a shell and calling it a good time, but with the amount of chatter around some zobel circuits in here, I'm a little intrigued.

    I can't find anything straight off the bat in terms of a zobel for 31733 - forgive me if there's one around and I've missed it, but I've had a decent read of the last couple hundred pages and I can't see anything straight off. Can anyone point me in roughly the right direction?

    Next step's the Bellsing 10013 I think - they look absolutely fantastic and I'm intrigued to see how they sound.

  4. Elashri
    can you expand on this setup?
    how to build it (zobel for BS6)?
    what dampeners?
    from what i understand zobel is an added circuit on the original cross, am i right?
    do you fill the shells all the way or just glue a faceplate?
    do you have photos for a setup like this?
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  5. eunice
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020
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  6. Elashri
    in the BS6+Z what is the use of the 1mm ID on the DTEC?
    and how you stretch one tube over both TWFK?
  7. et.haan
    My stuff finally arrived. Getting my measurement all set up today.
    If any of you have any weird tuning things to try, ask and you shall receive. However, I will not measure your GV with a brown vs green damper. For that, read Knowles TB14, and the Sonion Designing Earphones guide.
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  8. eunice
    I think it reduces reflections, at least that’s what I tell myself. I built with and without the 1mmID and although the difference was minuscule I thought the one with the 1mmID sounded a bit better, a little less distortion in the mids. Of course that could be due to other differences in the build but since then I build them with it.
  9. alanwcruz
    First test, 3D printing with Class II bio compatible skin safe resin, looks like I have to set a longer exposure time, the face plate was incomplete but the shell looks really nice!

    Print test.jpg
  10. sanekn
    Guys, i've found this scheme of MASM7 is this a good one? I have a really tiny ears, will try to fit 2 3mm OD but seems difficult... Here are my actual GK set i want to replace (acoustic tube detached from ba after a fall)

    Do you think it's doable to make place for 2 tubes here?

    I listen to alot of metal, jazz, classical, how's everyone experience with it? MASM 7 scheme.JPG
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2020
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  11. Tulku1967
    Could you write me how to call the resin manufacturer?
  12. dhruvmeena96
    I was going to suggest

    Do BS6
    TWFK grey damper@15mm (20mm lenght(2mm ID))
    DTEC orange damper@10mm (20mm lenght(1mm ID))

    Damper comes in small size so you can have small tube

    And make RAB 30mm tube/2mm ID
    Add resonator as it is
    Dont change it
    No damper

    And use RAB32033

    This is the last MASM from me

    Thanks to
    @eunice for BS6Z
    @stephensynanta16 for MASM7Z

    And the last MASM in lineup


    Goes very low
    Serious low end
    Midrange is clean and weirdly nothing bleeds from DTEC. Layering is amazing

    Soundstage slightly intimate(not small, as it can scale)
    Imaging is stronger than MASM3 pro
    And way stronger and aggressive sound(not sharp or sibilant, fundamental tone is strong and resolution is aggressive)

    Who all find it aggressive can shift to white damper on TWFKs
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2020
  13. sanekn
    Thank you very much man! I have a pair of 32063 RABs only, and don't think 3 tubes can be fit in my ears unfortunately. I would like it tho. Will try to fiddle with some test shells to be sure.

    May I ask what is the improvement of your last version frome the one on the picture?

    For sound signature I love my pair of akg k240 for example, somewhat warm-neutral, love details, not a bass-head. Is this MASM7 is the right way to go?
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2020
  14. Kulgrinda
    I listen metal and to be frank DTEC does not make me happy. I need CI somewhere in the setup to have more solid sound. I don't enjoy BS6+zobel at all, it is narrow sounding, quite harsh with thin bass.

    For me quite good sounding setup is GK+RAB (zobel), but even better one is CI (15ohm rez) + ED (tiny values cap, don't remember by heart). The latter one is easy the most enjoyable with heavy music and my favorite as of today. Fast, spacious, not harsh, articulate. My kind of sound :)
  15. eunice
    CI has a large amount of lower mids, but is slow and does not have a good bass below 50hz. But bass amount is most likely an issue with the fit, the BS6+Z has more than enough bass, it has much more bass than the GK.
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