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Home-Made IEMs

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  1. et.haan
    Also, I was looking around at some drivers, anybody ever treid GD? Looks very interesting, like the SWFK.

    RAB-32037 has no snout.

    WBFK-30042 is like WBFK-30019, with no snout.

    Also, FEH looks very good as a mid. Ferrofluid too.
  2. Ivan TT
    No idea and I don't have SWFK anyway :frowning2:
    4 RAF drivers in series, glued together in a brick like formation
    Yes, I posted early experiments few pages back...
    A bit later, but here's FR:

    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
  3. et.haan
    Wow, what a fantastic looking response! I feel that with playing around with tubing, we could get that LF bump down an octave, and it would be a good sub/woofer and a mid all in one. Great results!

    edit: i mean a steeper curve, later on. Like 100hz instead of 250. Maybe it is not possible.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  4. Xymordos
    I've used the GD60599, its a mid-high driver that's really quiet. Super peaky though so not easy to use.
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  5. et.haan
    Sounds pretty meh... how was tone?
  6. et.haan
    As you know, I am using 26805 as mid on my EST build. What are your thoughts on dampers for it?? It likely wont play past 6khz. I was thinking green, 1cm from driver.

    Also, I was wondering, as we know that damper position affects sound, is there a known relationship? Like 330ohm @3cm = 680ohm at 1cm, or something like that?

    I would like to think that they dont have a relationship, so that I could slow driver's impulse without affecting response (to get warmth or tone) and vice versa (low pass).
  7. Xymordos
    I used it as treble driver, seemed pretty good to me haha. You'd probably need to stack a few of them together to get enough SPL to use a damper. 4 of these drivers is around the size of a DTEC.
  8. dhruvmeena96
    The relationship of placing damper near and far is not about strength of damping of peaks...but the amount or angle at which it rolls off.

    Near spout, it dampen peaks, less roll off
    End of tube, rolls of happens, a specific angle is achieved which can shift peaks

    Like ED29689 with green damper 6mm away, shifts its major peaking to 2.5kHz

    ED26805 with white or brown, as its not as strong as ED29689

    And it doesnt stop air pulse or impulse...it just slows down the air pressure..

    Bass are slower than Middle freq and high freq.
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  9. Ivan TT
    Well, the curve only tells half of the story.

    What x4 RAF (but not x4 RAB, go figure) excels at is coherency - crossed multi-BA set ups have quite noticeable phase distortion/colouration; punch/slam - HODVTEC is kind of close, but it lacks weight; and with @stephensynanta16 adaptor HF extension is on par with WBFK (I previously used tubing of various diameters, it does reduce "air" a bit).

    Very proud of this idea/build (if it was my idea, don't really remember), makes investment of $$ and time in this hobby soooooo totally worthwhile!
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  10. dhruvmeena96
    That curve is just for comparison sake

    Then this FR looks great
    (Is it without damper...if it is....nice man)
    Dark, coherent and detailed

    I tried x4 RAB series with amp...
    It does sound large and bass feels brandish(not boosted or bloated)....but it seems its very high impedance...

    Audiophile Worthy......
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  11. stephensynanta16
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  12. et.haan
    Ill probably stick with ED, but that is really tiny. I bet they were intended for hearing aids, like the RAB
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  13. dhruvmeena96
    First of all

    No driver is hearing aid or no driver is audio and music purpose

    Its all about how you use

    GR are good driver for decay less sound. When stacked, can give a tight punch.
  14. et.haan
    I know this about the dampers, I wrote about it a couple pages back.

    However, 26805 is just as loud, what makes you say it is not as strong?

    I thank you for your thoughts. I’ll try brown.
  15. et.haan
    this is true, it is how you use it.

    I need more money to experiment with weird drivers lol
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