Home-Made IEMs

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  1. nocchi
    I also posted this on reddit, its 5.1ohm and 0.68uf
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  2. tomekk
    Congrats! First CIEM: The more you have, the more you want. :money_mouth: How about the MMCX quality? And standard question on this forum: How did you color the resin?

    Resize to screen and add
    Zrzut ekranu 2017-08-27 o 23.55.41.png
  3. Im1fan2nv
    Thanks tomekk!
    Yes, this quickly turned into an obsession. I spend all my extra time and even some not so extra time doing this.
    I bought 4 MMCX from Mouser and bought a pack of 50 from one of my new favorite sites Aliexpress. Found that place thanks to this site. The quality seems to be about the same for both. I really haven't actually used them a ton yet but seem ok. I went with them because I have a pair of Shure's and I liked them from using those.

    The color is from Resin Obsession it's their dye. Like most here, I tried many things to color and some were sure flops and a couple work similar to this dye. The real thing to note is that it takes much longer to cure something with color in it. I still want a swirl to turn out so I will continue to try different things to get there unless someone here has had some luck? I used to do guitar inlays and had some mother of pearl blanks left, so the face face plate is a mother of pearl coated with the same color as the shell.

    Just wanted to give a big shout out to everyone here, Thanks for all your hard work and generosity in sharing it!
  4. tomekk
    aliexpress sales started today! It is not my fault if you spend all the money.
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  5. tomekk
    Next idea and variation with DIP sockets. Two versions of adapter for tuning and testing.

    bez na444zwy.png
  6. Shilohsjustice
    Great job!!!!
  7. ForceMajeure
    What machine did you order?
  8. J-breezy
    Any of you guys ever done a 6 driver setup that you really like? If so, which speakers did you use? And maybe some cap and resistor values? Just looking into experimenting on a 6 driver for myself.
  9. J-breezy
    Also, what tools do you guys use to sand/buff in the tiny places on the iem? I always use a shiny laquer but I'm wanting to buff one to shininess but I'm not sure how to get in those tiny places to effectively sand or buff. Thanks!
  10. Drewminus
    Hi all, I've had a good read through this thread and associated literature and I'm interested in the idea of making some IEM's but I have a couple of questions.
    Firstly does anyone know of anywhere in Australia (or nearby) that sells Dreve fotoplast or something similar?
    Also out of curiosity has anyone had a go at making some machined aluminium UIEM's like campfire audio does?
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  11. Im1fan2nv
    Messing around, I tried the GV-32830 (Quad) and an HODVTEC(Dual). It sounded great however not any better than with just the GV. I tried a few low pass crossovers on the HODVTEC in an attempt to obtain better sub-bass but it seemed to cut the entire FR curve not just the additional HODVTEC curve. The GV sounds so good by itself, I just scrapped the idea and wen with the GV Quad.
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  12. Arturo Sallas
    Hello Forum.

    This is my first post but I´ve been digging through this thread a lot to gather resources. I´m planning to start building IEM´s and a lot of the people posting their processes have been super informative. I have most of the components, material, tools and a lot of information about the process thanks to everyone here in the forum. However, there has been a few things I haven´t found, probably lost in the 453 pages. I hope you guys can help me.

    1.- I´ve found just a few posts about 711 couplers, I saw a few of you bought from a Chinese manufacturer. Can I ask, How much did you pay approximately? and in regards of the same topic, in your experience, how consistent is the result of the sound by being consistent on the process (using always the same components, same tube length, dampers)? this is because I will build one pair for me and if I get a good result, Can I duplicate the process and be sure all sound the same?

    2.- How do you guys join 2 or more BA driver in to 1 tube? I mean how does the 2 tubes coming from the 2 BA drivers turin in to 1?.

    Thanks everyone, Greetings from Mexico!
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  13. Bad Username

    The couplers with preamp are between 400 to 1000 USD each. Depending on whether you buy it individually or with a system. It is totally unnecessary for hobby/diy use.

    To combine drivers into one tube. The most common method is to use a thicker 2.5mm ID tubing and stretch is gently to fit over both driver nozzles.
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  14. tomekk
    I ordered to test 1.5W laser. There is a good chance that it will engrave acrylic. At least the costs are not big, and I will get a little bit of experience with engraving.

    1.I recommend it is great DIY equipment. I also built it up in a professional enclosure and high quality cabling. I use Startech ICUSBAUDIO2D with FuzzMeasure on Mac. On a PC you have ARTA.



    2. You can also search in google for "veritas coupler". I am sorry I cannot link because of the forum rules.

    Welcome to the community!
  15. Firedrops
    Most pros do the tube stretching, probably the best but imo a bit finicky, especially when everyone seems to sell tubes from different suppliers that you have to mix'n'match to properly fit. Personally (not a pro) I use heatshrink as an adapter. A little smidge of adhesive helps. Sometimes I add another layer of heatshrink that wraps the drivers entirely, or up to the vents for vented units, for added peace of mind.
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