Home-Made IEMs

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  1. MuZo2
    What about cure wavelength?
  2. ForceMajeure
    Both require 320-400nm

    Dreve polylux 1000N curing machine outputs 315-400nm
    Egger EL1 curing machine outputs 360-390nm

    Another thing not related to resins but to lacquer is that Egger L/PH lacquer requires 4-5min to cure. Dreve Fotoplast lacquer 3 takes 60sec
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  3. sanekn
    Hello guys, i'm still trying to do some stuff. Recently tried out amphenol mmcx connectors, this is some snug fit!

    Finish is still sketchy tho :

    IMG_4001.JPG IMG_3996.JPG
  4. MuZo2
  5. tomekk
    A short reflection: Knowledge of musical instruments, e.g. the ability to visualize a drum kit and embed it in space is very helpful in creating a crossover and arranging the scene.I love the live sound of drums. With all of high tones and sabiliants from cymbals. And of course blast beats :imp:. :yum:
  6. sanekn
    Thank you sir! Now I have 4 pairs left to make.

    It's for my friends, hardcore band Weaksaw.

    Now I have 2 members having a strange ear canal form. The tip is wider than the canal so it's making it imossible for them to fit the shell at all. I guess, I need to sand down the tip a little. Will see.
  7. tomekk
    This is my taste in music. :L3000:

    I have a complex question. I have noticed in some projects (more than 6 drivers) additional driver with elongated tube (20-30mm). Is this driver included in the kit to improve the scene? It is full-range tuned? (In my opinion they are behind the high pass filter). How to reconcile phases in this configuration? For example, I recognized SWFK.
  8. MuZo2
  9. Bad Username
    It is a high frequency driver. SWFK is a tweeter/supertweeter, you will always highpass it. The long tubing is an attempt to correct phase shift caused by a high pass filter.
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  10. tomekk
    My steampunk configurable crossover design is finished.The design of the housing has been grinded from my ear impression. Fits perfectly to my ear.


    Simple design: dynamic driver with front logo and nondetachable cable.

  11. ForceMajeure
    Awesome work!
    what did you use to make the white plates?
  12. tomekk
    Thank You!

    Fotoplast + white dye for epoxy resin (with small drop of yellow). Logo is a piece of paper:] I am waiting for the ordered engraving laser.

    I advise everyone to be careful about the contamination of uv lacquer. I was very careful and cleaned exactly the shells, but some micro dust got probably through the brush to the container. Sad: / I hope they fall to the bottom of the bottle.
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  13. discus123

    Photo from other forum IEM MH334 ! Any ideas about the value of the resistor and the capacitor ? Thanks ....
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  14. tomekk
    5Ohm, 680nF I think so.
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  15. Im1fan2nv
    IMG_0247.JPG IMG_0245.JPG

    My 1st complete shell, now it's time to stuff it. The tip is a little splotchy because I tried to make a swirl and by the time it cured, it was all blended.

    How do I make my photos smaller? Resize before posting? Or can I dictate the size?
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