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Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Jun 2, 2016.
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  1. doraymon
    Yes it's the same XMOS X208 chip of the SU-1.
  2. rocky500
    Would be great if they offer some type of upgraded board to existing Holo customers.
  3. doraymon
    I don't think it's gonna be a huge upgrade, an external SU-1 connected to I2S will most probably do better anyway.

    As expected I resisted only a few days after the order of the Spring DAC to place my order for a KTE SU-1 DDR version.
    After a few days exchanging emails with Tim of Kitsune HiFi I couldn't resist...

    Tim provided an outstanding customer support in my case, he was really professional and I decided to repay with my trust!
  4. D2Girls
    How are you liking the sound? What did you have before to compare it to?
  5. doraymon
    Sorry for the OT but I have two questions:
    1) I see many power cord brands offering different cables for source components and power amps. Is there any drawback in using a cable marketed for amps with a source component like the Spring DAC?
    2) I see many power filters brands placing a few plugs unfiltered on their devices and the label it for amp use. What's the problem of using a filtered plug to power an amp?
  6. Gibraltar
    1. Power cables for amps would be designed to support high current loads. This in itself should not be a problem for use with a source component. There are plenty of cords that are designed to work equally well with both types of components though so I would probably steer clear of ones that claim limited applications.

    2. Often line filters have limited power handling abilities and even if they're rated for your amps power usage some people find they limit dynamics, hence the bypass outlets.
    doraymon likes this.
  7. doraymon
    Perfect, thanks!
  8. ahmadfaizadnan
    The level 3 is amazing! Really love the micro detail and tonality :beyersmile: I am still gonna wait for my balanced cable though :ksc75smile:
    doraymon likes this.
  9. lukeap69
    I like it very much. I actually listen with my speakers more than my headphones. I have added a sub to my LS50 for that additional bottom umph. I didn't have any speaker system before so I cannot provide any comparison with the LS50 unfortunately.
  10. doraymon
    You set yourself a high bar starting with the LS50...
  11. doraymon
    Mine is being built now.
    I just bought a QED 40 Reference XLR to XLR analogue cable to connect the Spring L3 to my Cavalli LC2
  12. lukeap69
    Good to hear. That means I managed to avoid further spending.
    whirlwind likes this.
  13. doraymon
    You wish.
    If you write in this forum means you have the sickness already, so no matter how satisfied you think you are with your speakers, you will soon be looking for an improvement...
  14. lukeap69
    So far I have persevered for few months. Let's see.
  15. doraymon
    Interesting solution the one of the Holo Audio Cyan DAC, it deserves a poll!
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