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Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Jun 2, 2016.
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  1. doraymon
    The Starlight is hyper expensive and could not find a single enthusiastic review to justify the x4 price vs the Supra.
  2. thyname
    Most likely due to LPS-1
  3. thyname
    In the grand scheme of thing (look at us: we buy Holo Spring!), Starlight is NOT hyper expensive
  4. oneguy
    What’s your opinion on the LPS-1 powering the SU-1? I am looking to do the same upgrade
  5. thyname
    Honestly, it is the biggest upgrade you can make for your Holo. No brainer. Highly recommend!
    oneguy likes this.
  6. doraymon
    You have a point LOL:darthsmile:
  7. doraymon
    As an alternative you can consider shipping the SU-1 back to Tim and upgrade it to KTE DDR which might deliver an even better upgrade.
    It comes with upgraded low ESR OSCON caps, Wima Film Caps and ultra high performance discrete regulators for both 5V(PSU) and 3.3V(digital outputs). This is the reason why it’s called DDR (Dual Discrete Regulators)
  8. oneguy
    I considered that but I like the versatility of separating the power supply from the unit. It ensures future replacements to the SU-1 can benefit from better power and not just the SU-1. Additionally, KTE SU-1’s only go for $50 more on the used market than a brand new regular SU-1 which is a significant drop in value. Come resale time it makes more sense to not tie up too much money solely in the SU-1. Just my 2 cents though :)
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
  9. ahmadfaizadnan
    Platinum starlight 7 is way more expensive :yum:
  10. doraymon
    For those who have the KTE Spring: I am choosing the power cables for both KTE Spring and KTE SU-1 DDR.
    I have 3 options:

    1) Copper cable with Copper Connectos: exceptional bass with a large, rich, full, warm sound and a very large sound stage.
    2) Copper Cable with Silver Connectors: more detail, brighter mids and highs but not as much bass and a smaller sound stage
    3) SIlver plated cable with SIlver Connectors: best detail, very bright mids and highs, very wide sound stage but no depth and the list bass of the three.

    Based on the DAC's tonality, which power cord one would you chose and why?
  11. Greg121986
    Regarding HDMI interconnect, I use a Wireworld Starlight 7 0.3M. I upgraded to this from a 1M Wireworld Chroma 7. I noticed a nice improvement, but this may be due to the shorter cable more than the quality of the cable. I'll never really know. I must say I was really impressed by how beefy the Starlight 7 cable is. It's super thick and has very robust metal (aluminum?) connectors. The pictures do not do justice to how well made this cable is.

    To Doraymon above, I'm not sure I would believe the descriptions applied to each of those power cable types. I am a believer in high quality cables making a difference in your system, but I would not expect that those cable types would always end up with the changes in sound as you have listed them. That being said, I use a DIY 14AWG PC-OCC copper power cable with Neotech wire on my Holo Spring KTE L3. I switched this to the DAC only after upgrading to a better power cable for my stereo amp. I intend to get something better but I am not in any hurry. Most likely I will end up with a Wireworld Electra 7 so that it matches what I use on my power amp.
  12. thyname
    Thanks for chiming in. I am the guy who asked the HDMI cable question originally.

    I ordered the Silver Starlight 7 HDMI cable, in 0.5M length. Should arrive in a few days.

    Is 0.5m OK in terms of length? 0.3M was not enough to get from singxer su-1 to my Holo KTE in my shelves.

    existing cable is a 0.5 m cable from Apollo AV bought off eBay.
  13. Greg121986
    You can make a very good argument that the I2S data protocol is meant to work with very short runs of wire. In fact it really isn't supposed to use wire at all. It was designed for integrated circuits that are essentially directly soldered to each other on a PCB. I have read this case numerous times for anyone who tries to justify the use of a short cable for I2S. To a certain degree, I agree with this point. Adding a cable and increasing it's length when using I2S will change the impedance and ultimately affect the signal. However, the shielding and separation of each data carrying wire in the Wireworld Silver Starlight 7 is top notch. Your constraint was being able to actually use the system with a reasonable degree of ease when setting things up in your shelf. At some point you have to find a compromise and actually start enjoying the music! I would not worry even a little bit about the difference between a 0.5M or 0.3M silver starlight 7.
  14. thyname
    Thanks again! On the above, are you implying I am fine with 0.5m?
  15. Greg121986
    Yes I think you are fine with 0.5M.
    thyname likes this.
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