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Hoarding Or Protecting?

  1. Paul Graham
    I just did something what I felt was rather strange but right, And I'm wondering if any of you have done the same thing?
    I have two pairs of headphones that I love and have used but taken great care of. 
    Sennheiser HD-25 1 II Adidas Originals.
    V-Moda V80 True-Bloods.
    I've noticed they are quite rare and near impossible to find online to buy. IF so, With high price tags. ( Higher than the original retail. ) 
    As a result today I decided to lovingly place them back in their original packaging, And store them. No longer using them. 
    I kinda feel sad doing it, But I feel also that I'm doing something positive?!
    I have plenty of cans inc a nice pair of Amperiors so I'm not missing them in that sense.
    I dunno, Call me a strange egg haha.
    Thoughts please?
    p.s. I also have a mint pair of Sony MDR SA5000's that are egging me to do the same to them......
    ( But they sound soooooo good, To the point they're my favourite Over-Ears! )

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