Hifiman Sundara (HE400i upgraded, around $500)
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The reaction to this is going to be good...
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Why would this create any negative fallout between Hifiman and their customers? I love the fact that they are continually innovating and trying new things/delivering new products to the market. As if the people that are on head-fi don't almost constantly try new ones anyway? If you choose to buy a product new, do you really expect that its the end all be all, or last one the company will release, even in it's price bracket?

"man, it's so annoying that a company keeps releasing new products. I wish they would stop trying to improve their sound, design, build quality, etc."

Yes, we definitely would have been better off if dan stopped at the original mad dog, senn with the older hd5xx's, the lcd2.1, he-5, etc.

Sorry for my tone, rant over.
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Here we go again...

The problem was the perceived build quality, V2 version for products that had a Head-fi Beta tester program (HE-1000), fast releasing of new models (6 months for Edition X), and always doubling the price while not improving build quality, just read Head-fi...

THIS particular case (HE-400i replacement) is well done, because HE-400i is not 6 months old, and this model is all metal (no annoying chair plywood) and doesn't costs twice as the model it replaces.

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