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  1. Arthur Li
    Just read Tyll's article saying that Western headphone enthusiasts should be more tolerant towards HiFiman's poor quality control because in China people have a different understanding of what decent quality means. That is just ********. I am Chinese and I visit Chinese headphone forums everyday. In general, headphone enthusiasts in China share the same dissatisfaction towards HFM's products as Westerners and there is no way that Fang did not hear the negative feedback. Also, Chinese manufacturers are capable of making high quality headphones - just look at Oppo. Nationality is not an excuse.
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  2. Ali-Pacha

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  3. ToroFiestaSol
    Mr Woodcock does not approve plywood.
  4. Dino2000
    Don't give them any ideas.
  5. thefitz
    And borderline racist. Are we supposed to accept wife-beating because certain cultures might interpret "discipline" differently? Is ****ting in public okay because certain cultures might interpret "sanitation" differently? Or only for certain people who don't "know better"? Relativism is the reason the world is in such a mess.
    Back on topic, I think it's a shame that Hifiman has become a bit of a punching bag around these parts. It seems like every endeavor turns out to be a bit of a feast. I'm not saying it's undeserved, just a shame.
  6. Ali-Pacha
    Listening to perfect tune with my HiFiman :

  7. bigfatpaulie
    I don't mean to flog a dead horse here, but this post by Hifiman is total hog wash...  They are blabbing about "luxury" and then talking about ply wood.  Gimme a break.  I have these "gourmet" frozen dinners for sale with recipes by a Michelin start chef.  Right...
    This just stinks of marketing done very poorly.  Instead of "ply wood" they should have called it an "exotic blend of rich timbers, each layer fused with its own acoustic characteristic meticulously chosen and crafted to produce the finest organic tonality while persevering every delicate detail." or some garbage like that.  If that was the marketing, less people would be upset.
    Buy they were too arrogant to bother hiring a marking guy so they gave us this crap.  They really should take a page out of Beats marking strategy.  
    So they showed us a picture of what they sat in in the lobby of a hotel before catching a flight.  What a crock.  Why don't they use a world class speaker that uses molded ply wood?  Wait.  I know why...  I guess the chair is all they could find.  Franco Serblin would roll over in his grave if he saw this.
    I'm an entrepreneur so I am all about making money when possible in business and I agree that the cost of parts is nearly irrelevant when it comes to retail price but don't draw attention to something where you obviously cut a corner on it.  This is the equivalent of a car company adverting how they use the cheapest, thinnest steel they could find for their very expensive luxury cars.
    I see it now...  Rolls Royce, now offering the finest blend of vinyl seats.
    This advertisement is an embarrassment and both Hifiman and their marketing team should be ashamed of themselves.  And I think that is what gets me ore upset with this: it's not the product is the arrogance.  "Let's see how stupid those headphones guys really are!"  If we just tell them it's better, they will gobble it up!    
    I'm okay with $6000 headphones (I really am).  I'm not okay with $6000 headphones who's primary feature is how cheap they are to make.
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  8. jibzilla
    The first part of your quote worked in spades when HFM released the he-1000 and myself and many others ended up returning/selling for a tremendous loss. They were coming off the heels of the he-500 and he-6 though that did have build quality issues but also had a tremendous bang for buck sound.
    The second part I'm with ya but this Edition 6 release is on the heels of 2 $3k headphones that were not well received, for the most part, and looks like not much has changed either.
    I got these recently for around what a he-1000v2 retails for a.jpg

    REAL WOOD and plenty of it.
  9. allinhead
    I am sorry but this is not true, china can make very good things, only specifications (cahier des charges in french) you give them make the finale product 
    In kitesurf ALL the sails are made in china (most of them in the same factory)  and every brand is different quality. ingenieurs answered only precise specifications make the differents...
  10. Ceteru
    Oh they were unhappy, and he heard the feedback.. according to him, Chinese and Chinese/American people were calling him 大便 and worse. Not saying I'm defending him, just that often we enthusiasts can go too far.
    That said, his reaction to negative feedback of the more normal kind was just embarrassing. Imagine Steve Jobs getting into the written equivalent of a street brawl on the Apple forums because people gave negative feedback about the iPhone 7's removal of the 3.5mm port (not saying it would have even been made were he still here, but for argument's sake).
  11. silvrr

    Take a look at the Bowers & Wilkins 800 series. Made from laminated wood.

    I agree with the sentiment of who wrote this and having someone in marketing or even a technical person write would have sold it much better.

    Simply using the term laminate and not plywood would have gone a long way.

    There are advantages to using laminated wood. If done right it can make a stronger product that will not crack due to temp/humidity changes. I can't believe they didn't get into why they use it more.
  12. Uberclocked
    There are definitely advantages to using plywood over solid wood.  However, the problem with Hifiman's implementation is that it doesn't look or feel too great with known quality control issues, and it's an extremely thin piece in such an integral part of the headphone.  These problems are especially unbecoming of a $3k headphone.
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  13. bigfatpaulie
    This is all exactly my point - the B&W's aren't made of "ply wood" they are "laminated wood".  Even if they are the same thing, the perception is totally different.  It's such poor marketing.  
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  14. gikigill
    The question for Tyll is:
    Lots of properly built headphones/dacs/amps are made in China.
    How come Hifiman screws it up?
  15. rthomas
    Because of the massive Egos involved. Simply stating something like ''sorry guys we have made a few mistakes. We take your constructive criticisms on board and are doing this, this and this to make things better going forward, thank you for your support so far, it is very important to us''
    Just a simple statement like that which shows that they respect their own customers would win a lot of people to their side. Sadly all we get are pictures of chairs :D
    The audio reviewers/shills don't help either:
    They proclaim: ''the best is now even better'' instead of stating the truth ''this was crap before but now they've made it half decent for its very high price''.
    Vote with your dollars fellow Headfiers. The Dollar speaks loudest.
    I do feel sorry for the not so rich amongst us who saved their pennies and paid $3K for the HEK V1. They'll be lucky to get $1500 for these now. I'm glad I did not buy out of principle even though I was tempted.
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