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  1. thefitz
    Plywood sounds like solid wood? Looks like I can save a ton of money on musical instruments.
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  2. mykupyku
    plywood... buhahaha cosmic technology... looks cheap and... is cheap... and wood is better for audio

    why this hmm... something is on main page?
  3. djlethal
    That cracked me up! :D
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  4. ProfFalkin
    Well, unlike the Space Shuttle, the RE400 should be the one that got retired.
  5. allinhead
    sorry i am not a native english i was meaning may be "peeled off " the syntehtique leather is going off anf look ugly 
    on the ear pad i am sure that is affecting the sound (less insulation) 
    but we can change the ear pad off cours 
  6. Kalavere
    Oh really? Mine still look good as new. HiFiMAN aren't exactly known for their robust build quality, unfortunately. 

    I think I've been really lucky with my HE-560, they are good as new, the headband and cups are all still stiff, I've had to send my HE-1000 in because the headband is a mess, it's so loose it's unreal. [​IMG] 
  7. allinhead
    mine was looking new also during 1.5 or 2 years but when it start to go wrong it s going very quick 
    you kidding me , at 3 billion $ headphone the headband is a mess 
    my writing is only for company to go head with better product and stop foul us with disposale product at insane price ...
  8. Dino2000
    Change their whole business model, then. Good luck with that.
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  9. jibzilla
    Yeah I do not think there is much going back at this point.
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  10. bluesaint
    Not surprised with this HFM damage control thread.  Although in fairness Audeze is just as bad with their wood.  Simple google of "audeze wood crack" and you find something as recent as:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/838512/audeze-lcd-2-2-wood-cracking-and-fastener-failure
    Hope my HE1K V2 lasts for the King's ransom paid.
    LMAO. Sheesh. Got you suckaz all the way to Taipei to cash out our money.
  12. ToroFiestaSol
    Just read your post with Fang's voice LMAO very moist
  13. allinhead
    lol of course i know i will not change any thing (alone)
    why nike do not product any more their shoes by children ?
    because customer and media are strong when they work together 
    but if you are ok to spend 3000$ on headphone (not very well made) off course they keep going ...
    I apolgie for my bad english and maybe not very well explained 
    Enjoy your music is the best thing to do [​IMG]
  14. Dino2000
    I should have put a [​IMG] or something after my post. It was my attempt at a light-hearted statement on what appears to be HiFiMan's business practices.
    I think you are correct in expressing your experience and frustration. I agree speaking out is the way to (possibly) get the attention of a company or the media as to what a company is doing. Information will certainly help fellow consumers. It is good for us to stick together.
    (Your English is getting the job done - very understandable, btw.)
  15. fdhfdy
    These headphones are so heavy.
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