HIFIMAN: HE-400 Compared to BEYERDYNAMIC: DT 880 (600 Ohm)
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I'm driving the HE-400's with a Schiit Magni and they sound great. I would assume the amp you currently own should be able to power them just fine. I find older recordings to be very impressive with these cans. I find frequently older recordings will sound better than some modern recordings due the recording being done with "loudness" in mind and it introduces clipping into the recording.
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The HE-400's are very easy to drive at only 35 ohms.
I think all planar magnetic headphones have a low impedance level.

I haven't heard the HE400s specifically, but low impedance ≠ easy to drive at all. It may mean easy to extract volume, but for example, the 38 ohm HE500 sounded "just okay" from anything other than my vintage receiver. Most planars (I'll say most for the sake of argument, but the planars I've tried, even my 32 ohm SFI portables, sounded castrated from a weak source) aren't sensitive enough to assume that just because they're low ohms, they're easy to drive. You'll probably get sufficient volume, but I'm assuming you'll hear an improvement if/when you get a stronger amp. Or maybe you won't; that'd be even better. Again, I haven't heard the HE400, so the above is just a response to the second half of the quote.
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Thanks for all the great comments! Its going to be a tough choice between the DT880 and HE-400s!
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Good command of English then. 


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