HIFIMAN Flagship Headphone HE1000 Beta Testing Opportunity Complete - Feel free to still comment

  1. Frank I
    We will be puiblishing this in August
  2. immtbiker Moderator

    Well…I'll be a monkey's uncle [​IMG]
  3. kazsud

    I will. FYI the new OS X 10.11 public beta was given some kind of audio upgrade!!
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  4. masterfuu
    Interested and accept all term and conditions. Located in Phoenix, Arizona. Current amp is Woo Audio WA7 and I have not had chance to audition any Hifiman headphones. If I get picked I will write an honest review. Thank you  - Vlad
  5. goldendarko
    The beta has been closed for a while now, there are already production versions out in the wild
  6. RCBinTN
    I just saw this thread, and was also interested.
    If it's closed, please close the thread.
    Thank you.
  7. doctorjazz
    Makes sense, though I have no idea how one closes a thread...
  8. goldendarko

    Something a moderator would have to do. Hello Jude, Currawong, Warrenpchi???
  9. doctorjazz
    Doesn't seem to happen much...there are threads stool open from meets that happened a year ago!
  10. immtbiker Moderator
    Are you talking about a Meet thread, or a Meet Impressions thread? Impressions thread won't be closed.
    We usually close a Meet thread the day of the thread and offer a re-direct to the Impressions one.
  11. doctorjazz
    OK, but do people still have/post impressions about a meet a year or two after it's done? I don't really care if they get closed or not, just noting that most don't get closed.
  12. immtbiker Moderator
    Why is important to close a meet impressions thread a year down the line? Does it affect anything negatively?
    Sometimes people want to chime in after buying something or still talk about something that occurred in that thread.
    I can understand the question about being confused when seeing a Beta thread still open when the Beta period is over, but...
    people will still post about the Beta test in the thread for awhile. The best way to resolve the confusion about that, is for the O.P 
    to change the title to reflect that the test is over, not the thread.
  13. jibzilla
    You like zombie posts?
  14. doctorjazz
    It's not important to me that any of these threads close, I was just responding to the confusion some had with the open beta. I have at times found a long unused thrash helpful.maybe the name change is a good way to manage the confusion.
  15. negura
    Or just remove the 'Beta Testing Opportunity' from thread name ...
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