hifiman EF5 or schiit lyr for the audez'e lcd 2 and hifiman he500
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Jul 17, 2012
hey,i will get the he 500 in the xmas and ''closed'' lcd 2(when it release) but for now i will buy a setup to use with the both and i want know which one will have great results with the both cans
i will buy the audio gd nfb 3.2 for the dac, for use with one of this amps its a great choice ?
and for amp i dont know which buy, the ef5 or the lyr the ef5 have to be great for the he 500 but and for the lcd 2 ?
i seen several reviews about the lyr people saying that its not that great for the lcd 2 compared to other options
i need a amp to use with the he 500 and lcd 2 and have good results and any other options under 500 bucks?

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