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Hidizs AP60 Pro Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by actorlife, Jun 26, 2018.
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  1. actorlife
    Estimated ship date is June 29-30

    Compact Player With 2-Way Bluetooth

    A portable digital music player with impressive specs, the Hidizs AP60 Pro has gotten a lot of attention from the audiophile community. This new iteration improves upon the AP60 with an upgraded Sabre ESS9118C DAC chip and a maximum sampling rate of 44.1–384 kHz / 32 bit. The unit has a better overall feel, too, with rounded corners that make it more comfortable to hold. Equipped with two-way Bluetooth, the AP60 Pro can be controlled by your smartphone or broadcast to Bluetooth-enabled devices. And when plugged into your computer, it can also function as a USB DAC/amp. Finally, this player shouldn’t have a problem getting you through the day, with a 1,000mAh battery that’s rated to last 10 to 12 hours on a single charge.

    • Hidizs
    • Body color: Black
    • One-piece CNC aluminum-alloy body
    • 2 in (5.08 cm) TFT HD screen, 320 x 240
    • Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX lossless
    • CPU: X1000
    • DAC chip: ES9118C
    • Amp chip: ES9118C
    • Gain settings: Low gain, high gain
    • Sampling rate: 44.1–192 kHz / 24 bit
    • Supported formats: FLAC, APE, WMA, WAV, ALAC, AAC, OGG, MP3, AIFF, DSF, DIFF
    • Output: ⅛ in (3.5 mm) headphone jack
    • Output power: 35 mW at 32 ohms
    • Output impedance: 0.1 ohm
    • Frequency response: 20 Hz–40 kHz (-0.5 dB)
    • THD+N: 0.005%
    • SNR: >118 dB
    • Dynamic range: >105 dB
    • Channel separation: 113 dB
    • Extended storage up to 256 G
    • Power supply: Micro USB 2.0
    • Battery: 1,000 mAh lithium-polymer battery
    • Battery life: Approx. 10–12 hours
    • System support: Mac OS X 10.7, Windows, Windows 7/8/10
    • Dimensions: 3 x 1.7 x 0.6 in (75 x 42 x 14 mm)
    • USB cable
    All orders will be shipped by Massdrop.

    Estimated ship date is May 7, 2018 PT. Update June 29-30th

    After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.
  2. CactusPete23
    FYI! Fedex JUST received my AP60 PRO today. Delivery is scheduled for This Friday. (Initial email from massdrop/fedex was just the label being printed.)
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  3. silverfishla
    I got delivery confirmation for Saturday. Just to let anyone that’s interested in this know...Hidizs says that they are only producing 500 of these units. Don’t know whether or not that includes the ones that they sold on Massdrop. Will post impressions when I get it in hand...
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  4. actorlife
    Fedex says I'll have mine on Saturday as well. We will see. I wonder if they will include a case as an extra bonus for the player after the long wait. :)
  5. rtar
    I am waiting for mine as well. It certainly would be a welcome bonus if a case was included because of the length of the wait.
  6. actorlife
    rtar I hope so. Looks like I might get mine *EDIT* TODAY, hopefully.:beerchug::ksc75smile:
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018
  7. actorlife
    AP60 Pro

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Get notified on FB for offers

    Portable Mini Hi-Res Music Player
    Enjoy High Fidelity Music Wherever You Go.



    Top ESS DAC Setup
    Utilize professional ESS ES9118C DAC chip, AP60 Pro delivers an SNR of up to 126dB and THD+N down to -113dB for you to experience the subtleties of each instrument.


    Direct Stream Digital
    Support the most of the lossless audio format, PCM up to 384kHz/32bit, includes decoding DSD 64/128.


    Support HibyLink Smart Control
    Supported by Hiby Link, AP60 Pro can be intelligent controlled by smartphone. Free your AP60 Pro and enjoy your music in a easy and convenient way.

    Music On Your Way
    Supports Two-way Bluetooth 4.0 And The Aptx Lossless Transmission, Enjoy Hi-Res Music Anytime Anywhere.



    Highly Versatile Player
    Supports Two-way USB DAC Fucntion For More Fun.


    Support Two-way USB DAC
    AP60 Pro can act as a DAC (external audio decoding and amplification) when connected to a computer or smartphone(supports Windows, Mac, and Android smartphones with OTG-Host functionality), or purely as a digital transport when connected to an external DAC, such as a Chord Mojo, IFI Micro iDSD, or Oppo HA-2SE. Maximum up to 384kHz/32Bit.

    New Clock Display Function
    New AP60 Pro is equiped with 2.0" IPS HD screen with higher visual angle, better contrast. Features 1000mA LiCoO2 battery, 10-12 working hours.


    Size & Weight
    Dimensions (W X H X D)

    Approx. 1.65" x 2.95" x 0.55" (42 x 75 x 14 mm)

    95g/ 0.21 ounces

    Battery life - continuous playback music

    Above 10 hours

    USB power adapter
    DC 5V/2A recommended

    Charge time (full charge)
    One hour

    Charge interface
    Micro USB

    CPU model



    External storage
    Micro SD card



    Maximum storage expansion


    Bluetooth V4.0,aptX supported

    USB interface
    Micro USB, two-way USB DAC

    Appearance Design
    Body material



    Display screen
    2.0 inches 320x240 TFT HD screen

    Side and panel buttons

    USB Audio(DAC)
    DSD support

    DSD 64/128

    PCM support

    Headphone out specifications (3.5mm headphone out jack)
    Output Power

    80mW @ 32Ω


    Output impedance
    0.1 ohm

    Frequency response

    Channel separation

    Dynamic range

    Format Support
  8. CactusPete23
    The AP60 Pro arrived today. See some photos below. (Sorry for poor quality. Hand held, Old phone)

    Sound is great upgrade from the Original AP60. Much more and tighter Bass!. Mids and highs are very clear.

    Tested FLAC and DSD/DSF Files. Played them flawlessly. A several second delay when starting new format..

    Tested use as a Transport for my IFI Microdsd BL. Flawless operation for FLAC and DSD/DFF 64 files.

    This may become my favorite player for travel.

    Have not yet tested HIBY Link, but saw the option under bluetooth. Also have not tried bluwtooth yet.

    The PRO is heavier than the original AP60 that has a plastic case. But feels good in hand.

    Comes with a Plastic Protective Case. Fits Ok.

    Comes with preinstalled screen protector (Peel off the clear installation sheet with the tab when you get it.)

    Very impressed with the sound, and features. I don't stream (yet), so this player has all the features I need.

    I'm sure some others will post better photos, and give more complete reviews. But this was an Amazing Deal at the Massdrop Price !

    IMG_20180628_163759.jpg IMG_20180628_160857.jpg IMG_20180628_160709.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018
  9. silverfishla
    Yes!!!! first review! You did it! :)
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  10. rtar
    My AP60 Pro also arrived today. I haven't had to time to do any kind of exhaustive test......just wanted to make sure that it worked. I installed the micro card and a couple of music files to make sure that they played........success!
    I did attempt to familiarize myself with the different menu items. Still haven't been able to figure out the custom EQ completely. I was able to adjust the frequencies but it didn't seem to change the music. Have to find more time to fiddle around.
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  11. actorlife
    Congrats CactusPete23 & rtar. Hopefully I'll get mine later today. Any thoughts on the Bluetooth/Gapless playback?
  12. CactusPete23
    Gapless seems to have a small gap... Will try bluetooth some tomorrow.
    The "stutter" gap is there iwhen using the IFI as the DAC also...

    @Hidizs Hk + @Hidizsofficial Sound quality is Excellen on the AP60 Pro. But the small gap when playing AAC (mp4a) Tracks of a live album is audible. Maybe a firmware update can correct this? OR, it could be my files? Because the original FLAC files play with ZERO Gap! Thanks !

    CORRECTION! There is ZERO gap playing FLAC files of Live Album. But, when I was playing the AAC (converted via Foobar2000 -> Apple Itunes) of the same music, I got a short stutter when changing tracks in a live (Little Feat) Album. The original Flac files played Prectly with Zero Gap !
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
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  13. CactusPete23
    Did some testing with a couple different Bluetooth Receivers. Both have APTX, and sound good. However, the range is not great. Can get about 9-12 feet way without obstructions before you start getting cut outs, or need to make sure both devices are positioned just right. Probably OK for Bluetooth headphones, with AP60 in your pocket.

    Receivers tested also have APTX-HD, but the AP60 does not. APTX is OK with rock and when music is playing loud. In my experience at start and end of songs, and during quiet moments, you can hear some hiss/distortion with APTX. APTX-HD eliminates that.

    Radsone Earstudio 100, and Inatech BR1006 are both tiny. The Earstudio 100 can clip onto your shirt, sounds better and is VERY well supported by the MFR here in Head-Fi.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
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  14. joejoe334455
    Hi there,
    Joe here, here follows a million dollar question for you audio experts:

    I am about to buy either this AP 60 Pro through the producer website or the AP60II through amazon.
    I like the gold color that is actually not available with the pro version.

    So my question is to whom have tested both devices (that should be many of you stating to your previous posts):

    Is the sound quality of this Pro version so much different/better compared to the normal version?
    Here follows how i am gonna use the device:

    I am gonna use this device outdoor, (mainly while cycling, running and motorbiking),
    with budget ipx blue-tooth ear buds all the time (like soundpeats from amazon),
    probably not loading many hi def audo as i am used to get mp3 from youtube files both music and audiobooks.
    I like (love) loud volume and i read in the specs that the output power of this one is like 80 mW compared to the standard one's 35.
    Is this latter parameter affecting volume? Even when using BT earbuds (that should have their own ampli i think)?
    I am not an expert do forgive my eventual lack of precision.
    I would appreciate if you can send me an honest unbiased answer.

    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  15. actorlife
    Here are some pics. I have not listen yet I'll do so after sending these. I'll say it's smaller than I thought and the screen looks great with the album art. Came fully charged. Menus look good and not difficult to navigate. More later. Enjoy.
    IMG_2967.JPG IMG_2968.JPG IMG_2971.JPG IMG_2973.JPG IMG_2975.JPG IMG_2979.JPG IMG_2983.JPG IMG_2987.JPG IMG_2989.JPG IMG_2991.JPG IMG_2993.JPG IMG_2994.JPG IMG_2995.JPG IMG_3000.JPG
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