Hidition 'Violet' 11 BA drivers Custiomized in-ear monitor
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Jul 8, 2016
South Korea

Hidition Violet

# Type: Customized in-ear monitor
# Frequency response : 10-19,500hz
# Sensitivity: 108db
# Impedance: 27ohm
# Transducer: 11 BA drivers 4 Ways
(Super tweeter 4BA, tweeter 1BA. Mid 2BA. Low 4BA)
# Feature: One single air-duct (each pairs)

Official website:

Official online shop:
Zeppelin & Co.
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Expected price is $3000+, in case anyone is interested.
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Two of the best iems I have ever heard.

The Hidition Violet is intense, in the best kind of way. I don't understand why this iem is not more broadly known.

The other iem is the InEar PMX. Very different and more reference tuning but also technically amazing.

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Hard to get, expensive to buy, the popular reviewers don't rate it as high as the S tiers.
I wish I could buy one, but it's impossible to get a used pair even in korea ^^:

Here's why it's not rated "S": Violet is a fun iem, it has a big big bass and the sound is big and impactful. It's unapologetically not trying to fit the same curve most reviewer's have been sticking to.

Other than that, it has one of the best sub bass I have heard in any iem (OG Monarch included), vocals are in same ballpark as the VE8 and the treble is well extended and has great energy. In fact, it's like the VE8 sibling that has a bit more subbass and treble, but a bit less midbass.

Technicalities on this thing are badass.

Now is it worth the pricetag? That's a different question indeed!

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