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Hi-Res Albums vs. Mastered for iTunes (or Apple Digital Master) Albums - Which is Better??!

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by RockStar2005, Dec 5, 2017.
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  1. Tooros
    This is only for itunes store though right? If streaming via apple music - it's just default?
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  2. stonesfan129
    Apple Music uses the same tracks that are sold on the iTunes Store. They changed the tagging to "Apple Digital Masters," but it's the same thing as Mastered For iTunes.
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  3. Tooros
    If you look at the above album in Apple Music there is not ‘logo’ anywhere or comment in song info. If you click ‘open in iTunes store’ it has the logo. Not sure if the source is the same of course.
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  4. MrPanda
    Presto Classical and eClassical are both fantastic for downloads - very recommended
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  5. RockStar2005
    Yeah I think so. I only use iTunes Store because they sell Hi-Res tracks for HALF the price of EVERYONE else b/c the files are sold in AAC format vs. FLAC. But since I've determined there is absolutely NO audible difference between the two (per my own experience and research), I see no reason to pay double for the same Hi-Res song/album. In some rare cases if they don't have a song/album, I may refer to 7digital, HDTracks, Acoustic Sounds, etc. But I spent like 3 years overpaying for those albums, so no more. lol

    If you're on Apple Music and you see the "Apple Digital Master" logo, please let us know Tooros. Thanks!

    Here is the updated "Mastered for iTunes/Apple Digital Master" page. (FYI)
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  6. RockStar2005
    Oh ok. Thanks for that updated info stonesfan!!

    Then ok I guess streamers can enjoy ADM as well! :L3000:
  7. RockStar2005
    Hmm..........I dunno. lol Stonesfan do you have any solid proof that Apple Music is utilizing the same Hi-Res masters as iTunes Store?
  8. katulu
    All I know is, I got a HiRes version of Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction on HDtracks and the damn thing CLIPS RIGHT THERE IN THE INTRO DRUM FILL, FIRST SONG. No more "Hi-Res" for me, thanks, I got CDs and a MScaler+DAVE now...
  9. RockStar2005
    That was just a bad copy. I've gotten CD-quality songs that had the same issue too. It's all random, and shouldn't be seen as an indication that Hi-Res albums AREN'T worth pursuing after. I've had many album comparisons b/t the two where the Hi-Res one was clearly better. This is only REALLY because when studios put out Hi-Res albums, they utilize the BEST sounding masters for those releases. So the only way to obtain them is to buy the Hi-Res ones, when available.
  10. katulu
    Eh, not really. I'm not going to go into the whole Goldwave graph thing, it is apparent enough and I know that album quite well to know the difference.

    I've read in this very forum and elsewhere, some of those hi-res masters are trash, many like that Megadeth album are just the result of trying to go "loudness wars" on the remaster. I don't doubt there may be hi-res masters better than a CD, but I'm not really interested unless the CD sucks - and DEFINITELY not for records I previously heard and know, since I am highly likely to prefer the version I know than a "better" sounding version - sounding "right" (as I previously knew it) will take precedence over "better". And as I mentioned, I now have an upscaler, moot point...
  11. RockStar2005
    I've bought and compared enough Hi-Res albums to the CD version or mp3 to confidently say the vast majority do sound better. It's not something you can really measure, but when I can hear things in the songs that I couldn't before, that isn't something I can ignore, including extra clarity, a wider soundstage, and so forth.

    That is true..........I've def had some bad experiences with Hi-Res purchases, but it's so minimal to me vs. all the pluses that come with buying them, that it's essentially irrelevant.

    I mean, that's the thing.............the version I know may already sound really good. That actually is the case most of the time. But why would you prefer that over something that gives you even more insight (and quality) into the same song/album?
  12. Sterling2
    Whoa, what happened today? I got a notice from iTunes of an update. I updated, then began streaming "New Music" which was presented to me today from Apple Music. WOW! Either someone cleaned out my ears while I was earlier sleeping or my iTunes stream just got better. Maybe its just my imagination; but, I'm wondering if any here noticed anything peculiar about their iTunes stream today?
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