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Hi, I'm JDS

Discussion in 'JDS' started by jseaber, Sep 11, 2017.
  1. jeeper
    This has me extremely excited! I can't wait to see what it is!
  2. fuffy442
    Hey John, great to see you here and on FB. I'm hoping that you can inject some rationality into the world of high-end audio superstition. I look forward to reading your posts.

    Phil Shapiro
  3. Jimster480
    True that, I emailed them a few times about some custom options on a B-Stock O2 and they responded back extremely fast and were vary patient with me even on weekends.

    I eventually bought a JDS O2 B-stock w/ custom options and I use it almost daily now!

    I really would love to see JDS make something to compete with the Topping A30 in terms of size and outputs & gain selections. But without the high output impedance, maybe even allowing Op-Amp rolling like the A30 does.

    I'd be the first person to buy and promote it lol
  4. pinkfloyd4ever
    Holy crap! Hi JDS!

    So I got into hi-fi audio via headphones about 10 years ago when I discovered head-fi and built my first cmoy. Then built another CMOY, a couple DIY DACs, and a couple Millett Hybrids. Then I lost free time for such things when I got a full time job, while also going to engineering school at night. So I kind of got out of the audio hobby for a few years until recently.

    I want a better DAC than the one I have now. A couple days ago, I was looking for the best DAC I could find for $100ish used, and found the ODAC recommended a lot. I had heard of the ODAC before, but didn't really know the JDS labs name or anything about the company. So I looked them up...and to my surprise, you're in Collinsville, just across the river from my home in St. Louis! NO WAY! This little audio company that's making giant-killer DACs on a budget, has been doing so for 10 years, pretty much in my backyard, and I never knew about it till now!

    So I plan to own one of your DACs very soon, and hopefully meet you and the rest of the JDS team in the future.


    P.S. is that demo room up and running yet? Also, do you make in-person sales or are you only set up for web orders?
  5. jseaber
    Thanks, @pinkfloyd4ever. We raided the demo room for CanJam Denver over the weekend. Gear will be unpacked again by Wednesday.

    It's best to call or email to confirm availability first. Stock shifts daily. Feel free to stop by!
  6. FastAndClean
    Hi JDS, i am FastAndClean
  7. Dobrescu George
    Out of curiosity, do you play Fate/GO? jseaber makes me think of Saber at least a bit :darthsmile:

  8. pinkfloyd4ever
    The demo room is just available during regular business hours, right? Mon-Fri 9-5?
  9. jseaber
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  10. PedroVazquez53
    Service, support? They seem to me more like friends! I love to purchase from them. I may say that I am a JDS collector. They treat me very nice and their support is not only great, but also very fast. Keep your work as of until now...

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