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Help with quality portable setup - Tera/Beyerdynamic?

  1. jtycho
    Hello Everyone,
    I'm new to this forum but have been snooping around for a bit.  I'm an audiophile but have never had any interest in headphones, so I basically no nothing about them.  I've been struck with the urge for a descent portable setup for times when my iPhone just doesn't cut it.  I have quite a bit invested in my stereo (well, not compared to hardcore audiophiles but enough that most normal people would think I'm insane) so I am accustomed to quality sound, so I'd like to get something satisfying right off the bat.  I'm intrigued by the Altmann Tera player, and yes I'm aware of it's limitations but I'm OK with them, sound quality and portability are the two main objectives.  So, I'm thinking maybe a Tera player and some Beyerdynamics, maybe the T5P or T90?  I don't want any portable amps, nothing bulky.  Just a great pair of headphones and a simple player.  
    Any thoughts on which Beyerdynamic headphone would work best with the Tera?  I'm open to any and all suggestions.  I'd like to spend around $2000 max on both player and headphones.  Thoughts?
  2. KraftD1
    If you goal is portability, any thoughts on IEMs rather than full sized cans? 
  3. jtycho
    I can't stand IEMs, I've never tried any that are custom fit though. That said when I say portable I don't mean for walking around, more for sitting in hotel rooms, planes, trains, etc...

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