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Help with MOD AKG K272HD.

  1. iCupboard
    Dear DIY'ers! 
    I have an AKG K272HD, and the cableing is quite weak right now. It broke, when I pulled it with force (accidentally) out of my laptop, and it broke. I stumbled over the cable, and it bended.
    I am asking for someone that is willing to make my AKG's have a detachable cable. So that I can use other cables quite easily. This would be very helpful. If you want to name a price, you can just PM me. :) 
    I live near Groningen, Holland, but if you want, (because you don't live near that), I can send it to you, too. 
    Thanks in advance! 
    PS: I have the same topic in a wrong category. I will delete that thread when I posted this one. 
  2. iCupboard
    Anyone? :frowning2: I hope someone is willing to help me! :D
  3. WiR3D
    Well i am going to mod my K242hd, I contacted AKG, and they told me i would be able to get the parts from a K240 MKII studio (since it has a detachable cable) from my local distributor. I haven't yet enquired any further, but I assume it will be pricey.
    That and I wanna put my D2k pads on the K242HD, and try replace the horrible plastic headband with something more sturdy, contemplating stainless steel.
    If you did a little more research maybe more people would respond.

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