1. JulienH

    Why is AKG K 240 MKii good enough for iPhone and K 272 not?

    Hello   I'm looking for a new headphone. I keep getting fancy with the K 272 HD but read a lot about the iPhone 4 or 5 not being able to drive it correctly. The K 240MKii should be fine believing several people on here. But the impedance (55 ohm) and the sensitivity (91 dB) are exactly the...
  2. xMoorez

    Decisions decisions... Would love some experienced advice!

    Hi folks! I've finally decided to invest in a decent ish pair of headphones. I'm certainly no audiophile and sound clarity isn't something I'm very well versed in. I'm generally just used to toying around with large PA systems and revelling at the bass. As a result the only headphones of note...
  3. audioandy

    Alternate cable for AKG K272?

    The cable for my AKG K272s needs replacing. I have found the actual AKG replacement cable http://www.fdwcorp.com/product_image.php?imageid=84971 online but it goes for about $40, not including shipping. Are there any cheaper options, or is going cheaper a bad idea? It seems like it has two wires...
  4. SAViii

    K272HD upgrade?

    So I have an K272HD which I love with folk/accoustic/singer songwriter music. At home I primarily use it with a WA2, and find the combination exeptional. I also use it with a TTVJ slim for a more transportable setup.   My question is what would be the next step upgrade wise?    The...
  5. linglingjr

    AKG K272 vs. ATH A900 for unamped listening

    Okay so  I have been in the market for a nice pair of closed headphones for a while and have done a decent amount of research to cut done my choices. I will not be using any amp at all ever, my devices are Hp pavilion, Samsung tab 10.1, and htc evo. My main question is how do the 272s sound un...
  6. davebot

    AKG K272 for closed / classical / no amp?

    I've recently been reassigned to a work group that's much more crowded and loud, and I'm looking for new headphones as self-defense.  I've hit on AKG K272, which I have found under $200.   Can I do better for under $200?  I've been away from this forum for a while, and I'm reading about all...
  7. justinmonty

    AMP for my akg k272 E6 vs E11

    Hey guys I'm looking to purchase a my first portable amp for my akg k272, The size of the e6 is a huge advantage to me as well as price but quality wise is there a big difference in sound quality if I'm running off of my ipod nano or laptop?!?   p.s will I have to also purchase the LD 9...
  8. Gibbs

    Upgrading from Sennheiser HD 280 to AKG K272 HD

    I am looking to upgrade to AKG K272 HD's from my 280's. I like the 280's but they lack depth and to me are very cold sounding. I'm going to be running them from my MacBook Pro with no amp and I don't plan on getting an amp. My question is are the AKG's going to be noticeably better? I thought...
  9. Rocker UK

    AKG K550 or K272 HD for Rock music?

    Am still after buying a decent set of closed cans to use with my Linn hi fi and new Graham Slee Novo headphone amp.  I have a set of Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro (250 ohm) which are fantastic for the rock music I listen to but as they are open back they do leak sound. I do plan to keep these as have...
  10. Chininho

    AKG K271 MKII or K272 HD?

    Hello, im thinking on buying one of this 2 cans but im not sure if they will match my music taste. I listen classical, rock, grunge, acoustic and relaxed music. I will use them in my bedroom, at the library and traveling (so i dont want an open headphone). I dont consider myself a basshead.  ...
  11. iCupboard

    Any help with modding my K272HD?

    Dear everyone! :D I have a AKG K272HD, which I actually wanted to throw away, because of the cabling that broke.  But I read about a DJ version of an AKG (dont know which one), and they succeeded in making their AKG's have detachable cabling. There is a tutorial on there, but I am not good at...
  12. Deviant Mind

    AKG K272 HD

    Hi all, i got a K272HD the other day for christmas but am not sure they are for me, never really had a set of these big headphones, i want a set that is easy to take around with me, hardly listen to music from my stereo as i have speakers for that, dont see the need for 3 meters of cable stuffed...
  13. MuZI

    Did I make a mistake? (AKG K 272HD)

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a pair of AKG K 272HS headphones. They arrived today and compared to my Koss Porta Pros they seemed a bit muffled. I understand they are closed vs. open headphones but I'm slightly disappointed.   I do have to set the volume much higher so I was wondering if the...
  14. odgr


    hello, new member here and new I'm everything respecting audio.  first post, btw. looking to upgrade my Audio Technica ATH-A900, I'm between the AKG K 242 vs the AKG K 272.  I was going to buy the K 242 because of the semi-open design but  willing to spend 85$ more on the K 272...
  15. thunderc8

    Sennheiser HD 558 vs AKG k272 + sound card

    Hi guys im a noob at audio and i sighned because i need you opinios. We recently gave birth to twins and i cant use my home cinema and i realy liked playing games and watching movies, and i havent used it for a while because of the kids faling a sleep at 9 every day. I decided to go with...
  16. saltpot3816

    Any modding ideas to access the bass in AKG K272 HDs???

    I've never looked much into modding at all, mostly out of fear, but I have a pair of AKG k272 HD that I really like apart from having no bass whatsoever. I've noticed however that when I push the cups hard against my head, the bass which typically just kind of tucks itself away out of existence...
  17. UpWaiting

    AKG K242 HD vs AKG K272 HD

    I don't really mind about the price, I just want your personal opinion about the headphones. I listen to mostly rock. Also let me know if their better with an amp. 
  18. XXdubbedXX

    akg 272HD closed back headphones?

    Do the AKG 272HD Closed-Back headphones have decent bass? 
  19. takeshibeat

    combination nuforce icon+akg K 272HD

    my laptop is toshiba tecra s5-pts53e i ve ordered from internet headphones akg k 272hd (i ve ordered them because they are closed type and they dont leak sound out like my sennheiser hd 598, i live in a flat with poor sound isolation) now i want to buy a nuforce icon (dac and amplifier) so i...
  20. GibsonEx

    AKG K272 HD

    Hi there, my first post here. I was looking for closed back headphones and narrowed it to AKG K550's or ATH A900x, but then unexpectedly i saw Amazon selling AKG K272's for $113 and i jumped on that as it seemed to be solid deal at that time. This model is not as popular as some other ones, so...
  21. iCupboard

    Help with MOD AKG K272HD.

    Dear DIY'ers!  I have an AKG K272HD, and the cableing is quite weak right now. It broke, when I pulled it with force (accidentally) out of my laptop, and it broke. I stumbled over the cable, and it bended.   I am asking for someone that is willing to make my AKG's have a detachable cable...
  22. JulienH

    Headphone like AKG K 272HD driven by iPhone 5

    Hello all,   I really like the look of the AKG K 272HD headphones. Like the design, the over-ear closed shells. Since the impedance will be to high for my iPhone 5 to drive, I need an portable amp/dac like the Fiio e17. I'm still considering this setup, but the way it should be connected to...
  23. Sepehr-ZK

    headphone for fiio x3 (under $200)

    hey guys, what's the best headphone(full-size) for a hip-hop lover under 200 dollars? my player is fiio x3. personally i think akg k 272 hd is fine, what do you recommend? thank you so much for your support. (and sorry for my English, it's my second language)
  24. Razargh

    Bought AKG K272HD sounds no different?

    Hey guys i just bought a pair of AKG K 272HD cans and I really cannot tell much difference my old Roccat Kaves the sound is a lot "smoother" and a bit better overall but not by a significant amount.   So my question is do i need an AMP? I'm currently using them just plugged into my x-fi...
  25. slackr9527

    Good all round headphones, not extremely bassy

    Hi guys,  I am kinda new to this forum, so i excuse me if i don't understand everything. Let me start with my taste. I listen to quite an eclectic mix of stuff. I listen to a lot of old rock like AC DC, Led zep, Cream; punk eg. Ramones and Sex Pistols. Dubstep and house are also some of my...