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Help on Choosing a New Pair Of Headphones and DAC AMP combo

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  1. jacobap100
    Hey guys I am looking into getting a set of closed cans for college. I need them to be closed and the will be used mostly for gaming and music. I have been looking at the Sennheiser G4me Zero and the o2 odac combo or the schitt vali modi combo. I listen to a lot of house and hip hop so bass is important but over the years i have come to appreciate headphones with a smaller bass emphases. I need a large soundstage for my gaming and a  bass emphases. 
                                                                                            ANY RECOMMENDATIONS OR COMMENTS?
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    This setup would save you some cash.
    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250-Ohm headphones.
    Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card.
  3. cel4145


    For gaming, a soundcard is a great option because it will have virtual surround sound.

    What is your overall budget?
  4. jacobap100
    My budget is no more then 400
    And I heard sound cards are worthless from tech syndicate
  5. jacobap100
    I heard that external dAC's and amps are the only way to go
  6. thievesarmy
    they were probably talking about on-board / OEM sound cards. Look up the reviews of the one he recommended and see if you still think it's 'worthless'.
  7. jacobap100
    the sound blaster z looks awesome! I think ill pick it up! how do the 770s compare to the 990s or the sennheiser g4me zero in terms of quality
  8. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I think there can be a lot of debate on how much an add-on sound card might improve audio over on-board audio.
    But my own ears tell me add-on sound cards are not worthless.
  9. PurpleAngel Contributor
     External DACs and headphone amplifiers are the best for sound quality, but your going to pay a little more and maybe lose a few "sound card" features.
  10. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I would say to get the DT990 and any add-on mic you like.
  11. cel4145


    These would be your best choice for gaming because they are open. Better soundstage for gaming than closed headphones.

    However, you originally said you wanted closed headphones. I'd still recommend picking up the DT990s unless you'll be sharing a dorm room with someone as then a closed headphone makes more sense for when your roommate is sleeping or studying.

    Given that the DT990s are currently $138 on Amazon (an all time low I think), get those for gaming and music in your room (assuming no room mate), and the pick up a pair of much more portable headphones or IEMs for walking around campus or using in the library, etc.
  12. jacobap100
    The problem is that I am sharing a room
  13. ieee754
    Don't buy O2+ODAC combo, it is very overpriced. Schiit Magni+Modi is about $100 less, has 5 year guarantee, twice power (so you can get 3dB more with your headphones), and IMO looks much better.
  14. jacobap100
    So magni modi is 200 and o2 odac is 240 its only 40 more not 100
    And the sound card is 85 bucks
  15. ieee754
    I bought my O2+ODAC for about $300, maybe some companies sell it for cheaper, but still it's more. You will be probably fine with good sound card too, I don't really believe that PC mainboard interferences are audible in any way.
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