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Help on Choosing a New Pair Of Headphones and DAC AMP combo

  1. jacobap100
    So blaster z it is!
    Now what closed headphone?
  2. ieee754
    I have found some measurements for this sound card:
    Everything (THD, noise, FR, etc.) seems OK, except that it has a very high output impedance (22 ohms), which might affect your headphone FR, so I would look for something with less than 2 ohms (there is a general rule that headphone / amp impedance ratio should be lower than 1/8). Also I can't find any data on max output power of this card.
  3. cel4145

    If you are sharing a room, the closed headphones would be best. :)

    Best bet would be Xonar DX or D1 + the Magni or Objective 2 amp. That way you use the DAC in the Xonar AND the Dolby Headphone surround sound for gaming, and then you have the the killer headphone amp :)
  4. jacobap100
    OK so how bout the beyer 770pro 250 ohm for my cans
  5. jacobap100
    Or something else??
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Those are fairly good cans for just about any use.
    Several used ones for sale on eBay,
    with used Beyer headphones, you might have to pay around $35 for new ear pads.
  7. jacobap100
    180 bucks there
    Only 135 on ebay brand new!!!
  8. jacobap100
    So what would be the better option the asus xonar dx or creative sound blaster z with the magni or the magni with the modi?
  9. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I would think the best audio quality would be a Modi/Magni combo.
    (get the Modi optical version)..
  10. jacobap100
    what features would i be loosing if i get the modi over sound card?
    And why would i be getting optical over usb
    Sorry for all the questions:p
  11. PurpleAngel Contributor
    If you used the Modi optical DAC, you would use the features of the motherboard's on-board audio.
    USB bypasses the features of the sound card/on-board audio.
    I have a preference for Xonar cards, some prefer Creative Labs cards, some people are fine with on-board audio features.
  12. jodgey4
    USB ignores your built in soundcard, optical will let you output Dolby mixing depending on your motherboard and soundcard. So if you want virtual DSP, you can't do USB. I'd grab a soundcard that has optical out like the Asus Xonar DGX (I own it, haven't tried any others but it's cheap and fits the minimum requirements) and add a amp to it for now, and then you could add on a DAC (optical Modi = great choice) later if you wanted. The DGX comes with Dolby... which some don't like. It's fine IMHO with the third-party UNi drivers.
  13. jacobap100
    So me be perfectly clear here: 
    My best solution is the modi optical dac with the magni amp and the beyerdynamic 770 250 ohm headphones
  14. jodgey4
    If I were you, I'd get the soundcard -> magni amp -> headphones. That should be the best bang for your buck for a complete system.
  15. jacobap100
    Ok i will get the sound card the amp and the headphones and upgrade to the optical dac in the future
    Thanks for all the help guys i really appreciate it!!

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