Help me reduce alcohol consumption
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Binge drinking is a novelty - it'll soon wear off if you're careful. If you drink everyday, if the first drink - and I believe that is the definition by law too for alcoholics - you drink for the day is alcoholic, then you'll have a problem.

I for one drink, and often, regularly, but seldom do i binge, the latter is a lesser evil really.

In a few years, as your university years pass, it'll will pass along with it too.
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I started like you Ttvetjanu. As l got older the drinking grew more frequent, often times just to be social.
Alcohol affects/influences different people in different ways.
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To the OP, (Ttvetjanu, I believe). How are you doing?
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If you do not think you are an alcoholic then try quitting for 2 months or even 2 weeks.
If you can't do it (I bet you can't) and decide you need help try Alcoholics Anonymous. There should be at least one group in your area.

Edit: you can do AA without the God bit if you want, it is not mandatory IMO.
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Old topic, I'm doing fine! Just had a wierd phase in my life. Currently I'm in the best shape of my life (lost 20kg weight since last christmas)!

Still drinking now and then, but nothing like that has happened since OP time: 05-05-2008.
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^I still remember that plate of "soul food" you posted a while back. Good stuff, I couldn't lose a pound if I ate like that all the time
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Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that you are doing well. With so much accumulated experience in living, you might think that living should not be so complicated. But clearly it can be - for all of us. Take care.
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If I were to lose 20kg I would have anorexia for sure but I guess it's a good thing.
Nice to hear you are doing fine. Keep it that way.

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