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Help a bro out! :: HiFiMan RE-400 vs Etymotic HF5 vs Rock-it R-50 vs Vsonic GR07 ::

  1. Altered Tuning
    So confused right now. I've been researching my next IEM for the last week, and need you guys to help me out here. I'm looking for an IEM with a neutral, balanced sound signature as I listen to a lot of different styles of music. I also do a bit of amateur recording, so the more detailed and analytic, the better. Also, this IEM will be my daily driver, so build quality is of some importance as I'm sort of clumsy. My budget is $100 to $130, with about $10 extra for shipping.
    These are the IEMs I've managed to shortlist:
    HiFiMan RE-400  
    Etymotic Research HF5  
    Rock-it Sounds R-50  
    Vsonic GR07 
    If you guys feel I should check anything else out, please say so. 
    P.S.: The Vsonic VC1000 isn't available on lendmeurears.com or elsewhere, I checked. And I don't trust sellers on eBay.
    EDIT: I should've mentioned this earlier, but brain went off to lunch I guess. I'm currently using the SoundMagic PL50s, which are pretty good, and am looking for something that sounds way better than these. I'm guessing all of the ones I've mentioned above do, but I guess you guys should know better.
  2. Claritas
    According to joker, the Hifiman has the best build quality of those four.
  3. Slashfury99
    If it has to be tonally flat and neutral, I would pick the Etymotics, they are as close to the UERMs as universal IEMs get (my experience might be limited).
  4. Claritas
    Compare the models for cable noise ("microphonics") too.
  5. Slashfury99

    If it's microphonic, which one would you say is the least?
  6. Claritas
    On the chart I linked to above, the Rock-it gets 5/5 and the VSonic 4.5/5.
    4.5 is the minimum I would want regarding this, but I'm picky about it.
  7. Slashfury99
    Thanks! But wow, the ER4S did not fair well.. 3.5/5 huh.
  8. Claritas
    It has braided cables that rub together, but I actually thought it was decent and prefer it to HF5.
  9. Slashfury99

    I had forgotten if the braided cables actually was that bad.
  10. Claritas
    Well, joker thinks so, but I don't. Still, if I ever decide to buy another IEM, I would look for 4.5 or higher in that category.
  11. wskl
    If you are still interested in the VC1000 as one of your options, penonaudio sell it for $119.
  12. elbdogs
    I have the RE4000, HF2, and GR07BE. The HF2 and 07 BE are more analytical sounding to me. The HF2 can handle some abuse but the ear plugs take some time to get used to because of the deep insertion. The HF2 and 07BE are also lighter in bass impact than the 400. I've read some posters complain about build problems with the GR07 and the RE400, but mine have held up fine.
  13. Altered Tuning
    Thanks! I've been considering those as well, but just couldn't find them anywhere. Do you know if Penonaudio is a reliable seller? Most online sellers have problems shipping to India, I've heard.
    Thanks for your input! I'm trying to get the Etys from Amazon but the custom duties make the total go way above my budget. Tried getting them from the Etymotic website, but they charge $50 for international shipping. :/ 
    I guess I'll have to settle for one of the others.
    Anyway, does anyone know if the Vsonic GR07 Classic Edition listed here is the same one you're talking about? If yes, that's a huge price drop from a year ago when it was going for $179.
  14. zunehdrocks
    you should also consider the rha ma750
  15. elbdogs
    There's a GR07 thread around here. The Classic Edition is definitely cheaper than when the GR07 first came out. Don't know about the sound but you can check the thread out.

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