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HEDD Announces HEDDphone With AMT Technology

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bugstone, May 7, 2019.
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  1. Tekunda
    Your wife is correct. I also listened to an Anne Sophie Mutter concert by Wolfgang A. Mozart on the Heddphone for the exact same reason as your wife.
    I could clearly tell the different instruments apart and was pleasantly surprised by the full bodied sound of Mutter's violin play.
  2. DecentLevi
    Lovin' these impressions. Anyone else who tried them last weekend - do tell your thoughts.

    Interesting how a lot of the focus has been on the bass. When I tried it (on several rigs) at CanJam, what stood out for me was the soundstage, detail / speed, and overall resolution & balance of these otherworldly gems of a headphone. But absolutely I agree about the instrument separation as well, it seems to have an uncanny knack of presenting layers in a way that shines the right amount of light on each layer, yet still sounding fantastic as a whole. And the bass quality was quite great as well.

    If it did however happen to sound on the dark side if neutral however there's a chance that may have been from variance in prototypes. Did anybody there happen to notice if there were multiple variants there or otherwise compare multiple models on hand, and have you heard if the prototype has been settled upon? I'm hoping however they settle on a fairly neutral sound signature. Also would you mind to tell what rig (DAC / amp) was driving them? Thanks
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  3. DecentLevi
    Oh also, any comments on the weight of the Heddphone?
  4. Tekunda
    I can only say that for me, although the phones are more on the heavy side, they never appeared uncomfortable. Personally, weight was not an issue for me.
    Stephan, the sales manager told me, that certain changes to the headband will be made until November, in order no to create any Hotspots on the head of the listener. The weight basically stems from the weight of the huge magnets, which are necessary to create a strong magnetic field, which moves the folded and pretty big transducer foil with this incredible speed.
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  5. Tekunda
    They had 2 prototypes, one with rather thick pads, while the other prototype had thinner pads, which I preferred.
    They were driving the Heddphone with a Chord Hugo 2, while I connected the cans to my Questyle CMA 12, streaming Qobuz through my Samsung S9.
    They only had single-ended cables, but I was told that the final version will have balanced cables also.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  6. Tekunda
    And a final word pertaining the soundstage.
    Generally I am not overerly concerned with a smaller soundstage. Instrument separation and detail plus resolution is more important for me, (which were really very convincing on these headphones) but don’t worry, these headphones carry a decent soundstage. Like I said before, in many ways, they resemble SQ wise the Final Audio D8000, which are superb headphones also.
    If I could get a great deal on a used pair of D8000 I would be hard pressed to decide which headphones to buy, but for €1700 for a brand-new pair of Heddphones coming with 2 years of warranty, I know which cans I will buy in November.
  7. Ragnar-BY
    Somebody should invite HEDD to Head-Fi. HEDDphones loaner tour could be a great idea both for HEDD and head-fiers.
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  8. Monsterzero
    I reached out to them awhile ago via email,and they said a tour was possible,but I havent heard anything since.
  9. Tekunda
    Stephan of HEDD Audio gave me his email address, so I will contact him and mention that there is quite an interest on Head-fi about these headphones and that members are asking if a loaner tour was possible.
    Should I receive a response, I will share it here.
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  10. DecentLevi
    @Tekunda I was in communication with some of their top folks but haven't heard anything in about 2 months, but I hope they reply to you. Also if you would, PLEASE urge them to have someone join this thread. That would be invaluable to have updates from someone on the inside. They already had their engineer register as @klaush1 but only posted once 2.5 months ago. Maybe you could also tell them do not be afraid of those Head-Fi terms too much for members of the trade. As long as they're not soliciting business or reviewing their own products, it's perfectly OK for them to post about production updates, ideas, answer / ask questions here... tell jokes, etc.!
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  11. Ragnar-BY
    That`s great. AMT is a new technology for headphones and HEDD is a new company for headphone market. Loaner tour is good for them to introduce their product and receive feedback. Head-Fi influence is not limited to head-fi.org only, a lot of smaller local headphone communities read and discuss information from here. And of course it`s a great possibility for us to try new headphones with our own gear.
  12. DarginMahkum
    They are actually quite a small team, so I am not sure if they would have much time for following up some forums. Klaus Heinz is the founder and main development engineer of the company and knows about every detail of their products, but I guess would be pretty busy normally. We bought their Tower Mains speakers (which are mind blowing good) only last week and I was several times in contact with Stephan (and visited the site several times - I am living about 25 minutes of public transport distance from HEDD HQ) and he was pretty responsive and helpful. I am pretty sure they are aware of the excitement.
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  13. Tekunda
    I will try my best!
  14. audi0nick128
    Hey there ,

    my local dealer from Germany just informed me that the HEDDphone One will most likely be available in three weeks for 1699€

  15. Hifiearspeakers
    What about America?
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