1. AlessandroR

    New member, new to headphones

    I started the hobby being a speaker fan (love the Ohm Walsh, have two pairs and the LS 50 on my my office), that used to do woodworking with Samsung noise canceling earphones. As I started using them more and more, it got me curious into IEMs and then into headphones. I now have an Sennheiser...
  2. TaronL

    HEDD Audio x Headphones.com Livestream

    Join us in 5 minutes (10am PST, 1pm EST) over on The HEADPHONE Show as Resolve live streams with the crew from HEDD Audio, live from our Vancouver office! We're also giving away a brand new HEDDphone TWO on the stream so be sure to sign up and tune in!
  3. TaronL

    HEDD Audio HEDDphone TWO - Now Available for Pre-Order with Special Pre-Order Bonus

    It's finally here! This one has been hard to keep under wraps (outside of some CanJam London spoilers :beyersmile:). The HEDD Audio HEDDphone TWO is now available for pre-order through Headphones.com. Pre-Order the HEDDphone TWO A bonus that's exclusive to Headphones.com is the limited...
  4. TylersEclectic

    HEDD HEDDPhone Giveaway and Livestream!

    Win a HEDD Audio HEDDphone and a Suitable Headphone Amp HEDD Audio will be joining us for a live stream on The HEADPHONE Show YouTube channel on September 24th, 2020. During the live stream, they will be giving away a HEDDphone to one of the viewers, and headphones.com will be pitching in a...
  5. HEDD Audio HEDDphone

    HEDD Audio HEDDphone

    HEDDphone® A New Chapter in Headphone Technology HEDD is proud to introduce the first full range Air Motion Transformer headphones to audiophiles and recording artists worldwide. The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) is an electrodynamic transducer that allows to move air significantly faster than...
  6. bugstone

    HEDD Announces HEDDphone With AMT Technology