1. HEDD Audio HEDDphone TWO

    HEDD Audio HEDDphone TWO

  2. Armored Soul

    Designing a new headband for the Heddphone 1. Also with adjustable clamping force.

    I got a commission to make a new headband for the Heddphones. The Heddphone has a pretty bad headband. It's too small and just uncomfortable. My current headband design had a lighter clamp and was designed for my own headphones, which weigh as much or maybe even less than a single Heddphone...
  3. Armored Soul

    Heddphone 1 Teardown and Thoughts on Build Quality

    So, I got a commission to mod the Heddphone with a new headband. I took the challenge and well, it required me to take apart the earcups. I couldn't find really anything on how to take apart the Heddphones so I decided to document a bit of the teardown. The headband itself won't be taken apart...
  4. TaronL

    HEDD Audio HEDDphone TWO - Now Available for Pre-Order with Special Pre-Order Bonus

    It's finally here! This one has been hard to keep under wraps (outside of some CanJam London spoilers :beyersmile:). The HEDD Audio HEDDphone TWO is now available for pre-order through Headphones.com. Pre-Order the HEDDphone TWO A bonus that's exclusive to Headphones.com is the limited...
  5. Ricco275

    Focal MG / MG Pro / HEDD for Pass HPA1 advice please.

    Hello All, I’m totally new to this community and fairly new to the the headphone world at least as audiophile. First of all, please forgive me if my glossary is not well accurate yet, I promise to commit myself to improve :) Due to new neighbours I had to invest in headphone gear as my Avalon...
  6. igniter

    HEDDPhone Amp recommendations

    Hi All I'm looking for some guidance on what is a good pairing amplifier and synergy with the Heddphones? Appreciate the help. D
  7. TylersEclectic

    HEDD HEDDPhone Giveaway and Livestream!

    Win a HEDD Audio HEDDphone and a Suitable Headphone Amp HEDD Audio will be joining us for a live stream on The HEADPHONE Show YouTube channel on September 24th, 2020. During the live stream, they will be giving away a HEDDphone to one of the viewers, and headphones.com will be pitching in a...
  8. TSAVAlan

    LAOCAS/TSAV Zoom Meeting With HEDD Audio SAT. 8-15-20

    With Covid 19 locking down California for events, The Source AV is partnering up with HEDD Audio and the LAOCAS to hold a Zoom event! Date: Saturday, August 15, 2020 Time: 2-4 PM PST Online @ The Source AV Design Group Register in advance for this Zoom meeting...
  9. HEDD Audio HEDDphone

    HEDD Audio HEDDphone

    HEDDphone® A New Chapter in Headphone Technology HEDD is proud to introduce the first full range Air Motion Transformer headphones to audiophiles and recording artists worldwide. The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) is an electrodynamic transducer that allows to move air significantly faster than...
  10. Todd

    HEDDphones Loaner program @TTVJAudio.com

    HI All, We have our pair of HEDDphones broken in and ready to go on a short tour for those interested in buying these headphones. We will be shipping them out to the first participant on Friday. Same loaner rules apply as for previous programs. see below for that info. Sign up begins now, 5...
  11. Todd

    HEDDphones and a couple sales @TTVJAudio.com

    We hope you all are staying healthy and safe. We are doing great here and are still shipping and OPERATING AT 100%. Call 406-285-3910, email todd@ttvjaudio.com or order from our website www.ttvjaudio.com TTVJAudio welcomes HEDDphone to our lineup. They are on their way to us and will be...
  12. TaronL

    HEDDphone - Now Available for Pre-Order

    The HEDDphone is now available for Pre-Order on Headphones.com, expecting to be able to ship units out starting at the end of next week. https://www.headphones.com/products/heddphone From the Manufacturer: The HEDDphone from HEDD Audio introduces the first full range Air Motion Transformer...
  13. bugstone

    HEDD Announces HEDDphone With AMT Technology