Headphone Adivce for a Metal Listener
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Jul 22, 2008
I listen to alot of Metal style music and I was wondering what kind of headphones would suit me. I'm looking at roughly a 200 dollar budget, most bang for the buck is appreciated.
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Denon D2000. Forget the rest...

EDIT: sorry for the vague and short reply...just search for metal and headphones here, and you'll find a million threads asking the same question, and it always comes down to Grados, Denon D1/2/5000s or Beyer DT770/880s.
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Headphone Adivce for a Metal Listener

Answer: Don't listen too loud. BTW you haven't said if you're looking at portal, amped or not, form factor (supra/super/IEM/whatever) etc. But as GM said, search, it's all on here.
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AKG K501 direct to ipod nano are the most-suit-with-metal-cans that i ever own !!!
Descendent, Pantera or Slipknot are so damn quick with this cans...
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SR225s if you like fast and punchy bass. D2000s if you want more quantity in bass. Pro 750s if you want a little of both. (The Grado's PRAT and the Denon's lower bass extension.)
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Here's another answer, HFI-580. 580 is built for metal, IMHO. It's what you'd call fast and punch. Listening to guitar riffs through 580 is just unreal. I get eargasms all the time.
Do give it a try if you can.
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I assume you want headphones for home.

Grado SR225 is a great choice. Excellent reproduction of distorted guitars and fast punchy bass. Sound is also very in-your-face. However, despite its bass punch it lacks some power in deep bass, so uberheavy crushing Funeral Doom doesnt sound as powerfull as it could for example. But great headphone for Thrash and Death Metal, Grado just sound so good with fast guitars.

Sony SA5000 is also very good metalcan. Its very detailed and fast sounding so every little vibrants and tones of electric guitar sound are clear as day. Unlike Grados it is less-in-your-face sounding so its more versatile for genres that make use of wider and deeper soundstage. Bass is very punchy and it has some surprising power in subbass too if you can get a good seal with the cups, but its still not very heavy sounding, SA5000 is bit bright headphone wich concentrates on midrange and treble more. My favourite overall metal headphone so far. But because of its revealing and detailed nature, artifacts in albums with bad production and mixing stand out too.

DT770 isnt good metalcan IMHO. It has tons of deep bass, but its also distracting. Overall midrange is bit recessed so electric guitars dont sound that good. I havent heard Denons, but what I have read I fear they might also suffer of too much bass. But Funeral Doom and such are very convincing!

Ultrasone Proline 750 (or PRO 750 nowadays) is good and versatile metalcan. Sharp and detailed upper midrange and treble and very good and deep reaching bass. upper bass and lower midrange leaves something to be desired of, but I havent found it too distracting for metal yet, as the upper midrange gives more power for guitars. Some find this headphone bit piercing in the treble though.

Decent source and amplifier is recommended for all above.
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^ what he said

with the slight digression regarding the Proline 750, which unlike my friend Maza I do not find to be piercing. Then again, I generally find I agree with him often and respect his opinion, especially on metal.

IMO (while a Deadhead rather than a Metalhead, yet intimately familiar with these two cans) sr225 if you prefer open, proline 750 if you require some isolation.
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I have tried many headphones for metal, you can see in my sig, The dt 990 are not of my liking for fast music, recessed mids make guitars sound a bit distant..though, on some albums they sound good,like symphonic/progressive stuff thanks to the bigger soundstage...bass is a lot more powerful thant the grados, it is a matter of tastes...personally i like them both,the sr225 are a tad better than the Alessandro Ms1, but considering that you are not going to amp them ( i assume ), they are not worth double the price at all, the Ms1 are 99% of the 225 when unamped... My advice then, is go for a pair of Ms1, cheap and easy to drive
You can buy them straight from alessandro website for 99$ includng worldwide shipping..
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I also tested a lot of cans with metal, including Grado SR-225 and Alessandro MS Pro but I prefer the Grado SR 325i - they are very clear and detailed and have a great sound with electric guitars and also a deep punchy bass.
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I'm enjoying rock and metal a lot with my M-Audio Q40s. They have good midrange and treble (although the treble is a bit rolled-off), and the bass is simply amazing (tight, clear and awesome punch). And they're fast, with no traces of mudiness. Comfortable and good isolation (they're closed), well built and simple look (but very attractive).
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given your budget I would say the grado 225's...however, depending on how much of a premium you place on comfort you might want to go with an akg or beyer or senn in your $ range...grado's have crappy ergonomics so perhaps a headbanger's warning is in order....

WARNING: Excessive headbanging may cause cans to fly off your noggin'!!!
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Originally Posted by analogbox /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Here's another answer, HFI-580. 580 is built for metal, IMHO. It's what you'd call fast and punch. Listening to guitar riffs through 580 is just unreal. I get eargasms all the time.
Do give it a try if you can.

couldn't much more agreed with analogbox...
but K501 was more superior to metalhead, for me actually...
the double-pedals-drum kick are so clean, tight and perfect in quantity...
and if you dont believe ? try it...

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