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kangenpreneur Change Your Water, Change Your Life.

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1000+ Head-Fier, Male

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    kangenpreneur Change Your Water, Change Your Life.
    all about art, techy/gadget
    my son...
    Headphone Inventory:
    History: Motorola A2DP HT-820, Koss KSC11, sennheiser (PMX60), AKG (K24p, K26p, K518dj, K501 [LP], with K701 pads, K400 [LP]), Ultrasone (DJ1, HFI580), Audio Technica (ATH-2), Sony (DR-11), Fostex T20v2 mod, NAD RP-18 [basslight mod Kabeer], NAD RP-18 kapton with koss MV1 pads,
    Yamaha HP1 aniso mod, Fostex T10 recabled, with XB300 fake pads
    Now: Fostex T30 black/regular fork, recabled, with XB500 pads + Fostex T30 silver fork, with Beats Detox pads + Yamaha YH3 mod + DIYcans 120ohm + iPod Photo 40gb + JBL Ref 510 NC mod + AKG K12p + dbE HF10 mod + S.O.U.L SEv.1 (custom)

    tested cans:
    * Yuin (PK3, PK2, PK1)
    * koss (KSC11, KSC75, Portapro, UR40, ESP950 + HE90)
    * sennheiser (PMX60, PX100 v.1, PX100w, PX200, PMX100, PMX200, PXC250, PXC450, HD415, HD437, HD200, HD201, HD202, HD205, HD215, HD515, HD595, HD600, HD650, HD414, HD800, HE90 Orpheus)
    * AKG (K14p, K24p/K412p, K420, K26p, K27i, K44, K66, K518dj, K141 monitor, K240 studio, K240 sextett [LP], K270, K271, K401, K500, K501, K701, K702, K340 [bass light version ?!], K1000 (at last!))
    * Sony (R10)
    * Grado (iGrado, SR60, SR80, SR125, RS-2, RS-1, HF-2, PS1000)
    * Alessandro (MS1, MS2i, MSpro)
    * Beyerdynamic (DJx-1, DT150, DT231 galactic, DT531, DT770pro 250ohm, DT770M, DT831, DT880'03, DT880'05, DT990pro)
    * Pioneer (HDJ-1000)
    * Denon (D2000 modded, D5000)
    * AudioTechnica (ON3, SJ3, SQ5, A500, AD700, AD1000, W1000, ESW9, ATH-2, ATH-1)
    * Ultrasone (Zino, HFI15G, HFI450, DJ1/HFI500 [classic], HFI580, ALO HFI780, HFI2000, PROline 750, PRO 900, ED9)
    * Sansui (SS-L55, SS100)
    * VectorScan (VSH5)
    * Realistic (Pro30)
    * Eagle (H4300)
    * Yamaha (HP3, YH3, HP50A, YHE50A, YHD3, YHD2, HP1, YH1, YH100, HP1000)
    * Fostex (T50v0, T10, T20v1, T40v1, T20RP MK-II, T50 RP, TH500RP)
    * Wharfedale (ID1)
    * STAX (SRS-2050II[SR-202 + SRM-252II Basic System], Lambda/Lambda Pro + SRD-7, SR404 LE, SR007 MK-II)
    * NAD (RP-18 mylar, RP-18 original)
    * Victor (HP D-50)
    * Leak (3000)
    * Oppo (PM-1, PM-2, PM-3)
    * Hifiman (HE5, HE5 LE, HE6)
    * Audeze (LCD2, LCD2 bamboo, LCD3, LCD-X, LCD-XC)
    * Abyss
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    S.O.U.L SEv.1 (custom)
    Source Inventory:
    iPod photo 40gb, iphone 5 verizon 32gb, new iPad air 32gb, ipad air 4G LTE 64gb
    Cable Inventory:
    mini 2 mini cardas+canare F12, LOD (BG) to mini custom
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    DIYmod Nano 1stGEN 2gb
    Music Preferences:
    speed metal, nu-metal, alternative, progressive rock.
    Kangen Water Leveluk SD501
    regular person...


    Team Ortho
    me love Headstage !!!
    to see my stuff just click on my profile

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