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HeadAmp Pico Power: Pre-Order Thread

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  1. figaro69
    Justin has created a masterpiece! I have the headroom micro, IQube, ray samuels sr-71b, and ALO Continental (tube) portable amps. The Pico Power beats them all and it's not even close (of the aforementioned ones the Continental compares the best, but still, it's no even close. My source is a humble Sony Discman player I bought in Amazon (used from the early 2000s; cost less than $50). Used the Telarc recording of Wagner overtures conducted by Jesus Lopez Cobos with the Cincinnati orchestra to try and stress the amp as much as possibli given the wide dynamic range of the recording. I played the Rienzi, Flying Dutchman, and Tannhauser overtures with the Fostex th-900s, Ultrasone edition 8s, and audio technical 3000ANVs. All of these headphones have never sounded better out of a portable amp. Great bass, great minds, and great treble. Nothing is exaggerated or awkwardly salient. No roll-off here, there, or anywhere. I'm not kidding when I say that this little gem of an amp sounds like a full fledged desktop amp costing more than $1000. Most powerful portable amp EVER, PERIOD! Power and finesse all rolled into one. The search is over. With my other portable amps it was always like, "it's okay, but...". There are no buts with the Pico Power. Amazing. This is the end of the journey for me when it comes to portable amps: I'm not buying another portable amp unless it is to replace a broken Pico power with a new one. I'm smitten. I'm in love. Is this a rave review? Ya betcha! This is a groundbreaking product, Justin. You are a master. Two years in the works and now I know why it took so long. Congratulations! Between this and the blue Hawaii you have become a living legend.
  2. figaro69
    By the way, I'm not expecting this to get any better with burn in. I just can't imagine this sounding any better.
  3. dallan Contributor
    Yes, it got to the post office this morning at 7:14 AM but of course they did not send it out. Typical of my local post office.
  4. mrarroyo Contributor
    Package arrived … http://picasaweb.google.com/109437154048011247077/PicoPower?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCLTIqvP--NmHmgE&feat=directlink 
  5. MilesDavis2

    Then almost 99.9% certain you'll have it tomorrow. This pico sound great by itself. Now I do believe in burn in but with the exceptional sound it's producing right now, then burn in would elevate it even more.
  6. klfl
    For those who are worrying about battries: 9.6v works fine and sound impressive.
  7. klipschman70
    I really want my silver unit badly ... especially reading and starring above impressions and pictures [​IMG]
  8. Nebby Contributor

    I was never too worried about it working or not, just wondered if the components tolerated the extra bit of voltage. Unlikely but I'd feel safer knowing that :p
  9. pekingduck
    Impressions with the Hifiman orthos please? [​IMG]
  10. mtntrance
    In Southern California and to my surprise mine has arrived but i have not had a chance to listen yet.
  11. Mediahound
    Just a PSA, do not get these Rayovac 9v rechargeables, they DO NOT fit in the Pico Power:
    This is not the fault of the amp however. I have other devices that this battery does not fit in. The problem is it's a bit larger (taller and wider) than a standard 9V, which is bizarre. 
  12. IceClass
    I'm just hoping the 3 10-packs of Duracells I have left over from my SR-71 are still good ...
  13. Mediahound
    I may just buy a bunch of Duracells myself. With rechargeables, you have to change them more often and that's a bit of a hassle on this amp. (That's not a bad thing at all though since the amp feels built like a tank, the batteries are held in very securely.)
  14. jckp919
    Justin... now looks like the US orders are fine, so when will you do the international orders? I can't wait to get mine! (I should be in the first batch.....am i?)
  15. justin w. Contributor
    do you have calipers to measure them?
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