Head-Fi Boston Meet?


Would you attend a meet in the Boston area in July/August?

  1. Yes!

  2. No.

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  1. HollowNoise
    Any head-fiers here in Boston? Would love to organize a meet if anyone's down. Would just need someone to offer a place.

    I'd bring a couple mid-fi gems: MA900, M1060, DT 150, etc.
  2. JoshMo
    Im in - lets get something going before the summer ends. Im from Maine so dont have a place to offer (unless everyone makes the trek).

    There is a pretty regular crowd of us northeasterners, lets see if we can round them up
  3. porkfried
    Sign me up.
  4. findthomas
    I'm in. August (or later) is best for me.
  5. Eighty8
    I'd be game.
  6. JoshMo
    Nice - I know some people from another forum are interested in a meet too. We could probably get a decent amount of varied gear there and meet lots of new people.

    Anyone have any access to a greater Boston area meeting room?
  7. HollowNoise
    ^ Alright! We could start to plan this meet/showcase. We just need someone to offer a place or access to a decent sized area for the meet. I think we could do this early/mid August.
  8. Rynsin
    I'm normally in the Boston area, but I'm out of town until the end of August. I'll catch the next one!
  9. JWizzlez
    I'm around second half of august. Can bring a Sennheiser HD 6xx with ALO cable and Chord Mojo. Also have some IEMs but nobody seems to ever want to listen to those [womp womp].
    I live in Cambridge, so anywhere in the Boston area is ideal for me.
  10. JoshMo
    Oh man - JWizzles, you should have come to last meet. Andro's and the Shure electrostat iems were there.
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  11. gc335

    I was JUST thinking about another meet. I should be able to make it. Have we figured out any dates yet?
  12. JWizzlez
    I wish I knew it was happening, cause I have been dying to try those. Did they live up to the hype/price tag?

    Well definitely count me in for the next one. The sooner the better for me.
  13. madbass10
    I would be interested. I could bring the AKG K3003, Q701, K551. I'm assuming nobody needs to hear the HD650s at this point.
  14. bennyhaha812
    I'm in western MA. No headphones at the moment but I have my custom line stage, a VTA ST-120 tube amp, and my fully self modded Music Hall 25.3 which will be in my possession until I get my Denafrips Venus and sell it. Been listening to stereo system since I sold my pink driver Grado Rs-1's and haven't had the need to go back.
    I would love to get together with a big group to compare and share equipment and listen to the differences!
    I have every other weekend Saturday-Monday off since I work in healthcare this weekend August 26-28 being my off weekend.
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  15. MrMan
    It's a shame we couldn't do another meet in NH. I tried to reach out to the store and got nothing so far. If there is one in mass and I'm free I'd love to go. I'd be curious what people think of my modded t90 paired with an m8. Has a really nice powerful sound.

    @JoshMo You were at this meet I think in 2015 ?
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