Head-Fi Boston Meet?


Would you attend a meet in the Boston area in July/August?

  1. Yes!

  2. No.

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  1. JoshMo
    11th would work on this end if they do end up have the day available. Sign me up
  2. lcasadonte
    Ok, I am very happy to say I can confirm the 11th (11/11). We would start in the 2-4pm range at blink high end audio in Cambridge,ma. I can also guarantee a backup location at an office in my marina in warwick, ri (for any unknown reasons). Lets take an official poll on attendee's. I will supply wifi (tmobile should work there in cambridge). Tim said he would supply power strips and power and i think he will look into some tables and chairs but thats all i see us needing right now is tables and chairs. I think tim will also set something special up for us which would be great.
  3. HollowNoise
    Wow! Sounds fantastic! We ready to plan this out then?
  4. lcasadonte
    We are a go. My schedule has already changed which kind of sucks but these things are hard to peg down on date. I will wind up in FL for the week before and would have gone back to VA but I am trying to make it back to RI instead. Be that as it may we have a date of the 11th and a relative start time in the 2-4 timeframe.
  5. JWizzlez
    This sounds perfect to me. I can bring a couple folding chairs. I'm not sure if I'll have my HD 660 S in time for the meet, but I'll have the 650 and Chord Mojo, Apogee Groove, and Maverick Audio TubeMagic D2.
  6. JoshMo
    I will be there - looking forward to seeing everyone again.

    @JWizzlez if you show up with a hd660S, there is a good chance I will listen to it the whole time and ignore everyone.
  7. JWizzlez
    Haha well I'm waiting for Manu from Senn to give me the preorder once he gets back from vacation. I forget the date he told me but it's sometime soon.

    I can tell you guys after being at Sennheiser last week and A/Bing the 660S with the 650 and the 800S, it is just incredible. The tonality was so similar to the 800S I just was shaking my head the whole time. It's just incredible, much like the 650 was at the time. They once again knocked it out of the park. To be fair, we were running it through the new HDV 820 amp which was also phenomenal and made everything sound so lucid and purely lifelike.
  8. Rynsin
    I'm excited! We should start another thread with the specific info once we have it and maintain an inventory table so people can see what's coming. I'm more than happy to do it (I'll try to snag post #2 if you PM me after it's made. )
  9. findthomas
    Still up in the air, but there's a good chance I will attend with my Stax SRM-1/MK2 (classic from the 1980s).
  10. lcasadonte
  11. JoshMo
    @Rynsin who else used to come to these meets? There were some head-fi regulars
  12. Rynsin
    Certainly @ninjapirate9901 -- I have a list somewhere, I'll go look.
  13. JoshMo
    Kevin (ninja) is working in Georgia until late winter / early spring. Hope to catch him at the next one.
  14. JWizzlez
    Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 2.38.09 AM.png
    @JoshMo looks like you're getting your wish

    Edit: I'm gonna be selling pretty much all my other gear now. HD 6xx, Apogee Groove, HeadAmp Pico Slim, Maverick Audio D2 w/ upgrades, and CeEntrance Hifi Skyn iPhone 6S. I also have the Chord Mojo and am not married to it if someone there's a better portable option. If anyone here is interested I can sell it to you at the meet if you want. I'm gonna put them up in the forums and eBay if nobody here is interested.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  15. lcasadonte
    I wouldn't mind hearing the mojo if you haven't sold it. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
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