Head-Fi Boston Meet?


Would you attend a meet in the Boston area in July/August?

  1. Yes!

  2. No.

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  1. JWizzlez
    I don't plan on selling the Mojo, but I'm always interested in a trade for something better. I plan on selling everything else though, although I've had some people tell me the Groove is better. I just got the Groove and haven't really used it yet. The one thing I stillneed for the 660S is a good desktop amp to give it a ton of power. I listen to a lot of hip hop and synthwave, so the one down side to the Mojo for me is that it doesn't provide enough bass power to make my 6XX [and soon 660S] exciting for those genres. I've seen some comprehensive reviews that say the Schiit Jot amp is incredible for the 650, but I've never tried it and I don't wanna waste the $50 restocking fee if it's not going to give me the bass slam I want. My main objective at this meet will be to find the right amp for my 660S.
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  2. porkfried
    I used to have the Jot and H650. I would pass on Jot.
  3. JWizzlez
    Oh please elaborate. Plus I'm switching to the 660 which is much more neutral, so I don't know what pairing works well for it. I know the HDV 820 does after my demo, but that's about 5x out of my budget.
  4. JoshMo
    Looks like you fell for the same trap I did Jwizz - there will be a couple of pairs there!
  5. JWizzlez
    Good cause now I get to go around auditioning amps for my 660. I assume we'll get them in time with UPS ground since we have 10 biz days before the meet? Mine haven't shipped yet.
  6. lcasadonte
    Ok we have a start time on saturday of 1:30pm - will that work for everyone? Is there anyone in the list that i posted that won't make it? We will be in their new studio: studio B, Suite 412 (4th floor, top floor of our building KBL), Address: 129 Franklin St, Cambridge, MA 02139.

    Phone: +1-617-225-0700

    I will find out about parking and logistics and post back. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  7. lcasadonte
    I will need to provide a list of names to security to allow folks to get in. You can pm me if thats ok with your name so I can provide it. I'll circle back with parking instructions too.
  8. lcasadonte
    Ok I need to hear from @HollowNoise , @JWizzlez , @Rynsin and @findthomas for your names for security:
    this is what i have for us so far:


    Gumby, aficionado, slew of sennheiser (580,600,650, 800). I'm going to be selling he1000,


    HD800, HD6XX, ZMF Auteur, Blackwood, Eikon, HE6 (4 & 6 screw)
    Inspire IHA-1, Cayin IHA-6
    Gumby, Mimby


    HD 660 S , HD 6xx, Apogee Groove, HeadAmp Pico Slim, Maverick Audio D2 w/ upgrades, and CeEntrance Hifi Skyn iPhone 6S. I also have the Chord Mojo

    Stax SRM-1/MK2
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  9. findthomas
    @Icasadonte: So unfortunately I'll still be out of town until Sunday.

    Real sad I can't make this event (been waiting for a couple years now)

  10. Rynsin
    @lcasadonte -- I sent you a PM with my name. :)

    I'll bring an Aeon, PMx2, Tisbury Audio CA-1, DACmini CX, possibly LFF Paradox Slants, and whatever else fits in my bag.


  11. JWizzlez
    Sent a PM earlier this week but in case that didn’t go through, my name is Jared Weiss.

    I’ll also be bringing the Shozy Alien gold, so if anyone is interested in demoing it and wants to listen to their own music, bring a micro sd card that is FAT32 formatted with the albums in individual folders on the card and nothing else on it. The Alien is super picky about working correctly. Took me months to figure out how to set up the files without any issues popping up! I have a mix of stuff like Dave Brubeck, Beyoncé, Daft Punk, YoYo Ma, Kanye, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kamasi Washington, Bon Iver and some other stuff on there so it should satisfy any genre taste. I’m sure this group isn’t that excited over the Alien, but other head-fiers I met were so I figured I’d give you the heads up.

  12. lcasadonte
    Thanks I'll get the list updated. Sorry if I missed a pm. On my third state this week. MA will be 4. From Blink about parking and demos:

    Parking is usually best at the Parking garage at 260 Green Street, ($2/hr, best value) corner Green / Pearl Street, two blocks from here. To walk to Blink High End from the Garage, walk towards Brookline Street, then take a right on Brookline for one very short block, left on Franklin, 1st driveway to your left after the playground (about 2 min)

    Alternate parking:

    • the meters on Sidney Street, Brookline Street,

    • Parking Lot #5 near H Mart or the parking garages at STAR MARKET /.Green Street ($12/hr, $30 for 3 hours) or voucher if shopping at STAR) (Star Market, past the Le Meridien, corner Sidney and Green, also to be entered at 55 Franklin Street) or the

    • parking garage at Pilgrim Street ($12/hr) (coming from Mass Ave, turn into Sidney, 3 short blocks, turn right).

    Please send me a list with names of the members of the group if you have it. If you send me their emails, I can instruct them, or just forward this info.

    People can call us at the office 617-225-0700 when here and we meet them at the concierge as they need to sign in (a valid ID is required).

    We have ready for audition

    + Beyer 1770, 1990, T1, T5

    + Pioneer Master One,

    + Technics EAH700,

    + the new SONOMA Acoustics (headphones with amp) and l

    + the Sennheiser 820 amp with HD800


    + Lynx Studio Hilo headphone amp.

    Special discount for event attendees are available:

    For the future hosting we will testing and if successful, show some upper end Hifiman and Chord electronics. All items can be ordered as special pricing on that date. Some items will be available at demo pricing.
  13. SilverEars
    Good thing I just noticed this thread! Count me in! I'll be taking the T to the Central Square Station.
  14. lcasadonte
    Will miss you. Was looking forward to listening to a stax. Have a great trip.
  15. cizx
    Can you add me? I’ll bring a Focal Utopia.
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