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Preferably a seasoned head-fier who'd keep it up-to-date. I almost started doing it, but can't I figure out how it should actually be composed. More on that below.

It should at least include separate categories for SS/Tube/DIY, Sennheiser/Grado/Beyerdynamic/AKG etc. most common headphone brands and so on. It would probably need several tables divided either by amp technology, headphone brand, or some other factor. Get complicated quickly. Especially 'cause you would possibly even have to bundle some individual headphones together (such as Grado SR -series separate from RS). Guess it could be one huge table too, but it would have to be made well to be readable enough.
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Amp manufacturer: China-highend-hifi
Amp name/model: G&W TW-J1
In production: yes
List price: ~£55 or $105 in China, 145 Euro on website
Type of amp: integrated headphone amplifier
Other processors: no
Portable: no
Power supply: A/C 230 V ± 10% / 50 Hz, for US version 110V power supply - please ask.
Detachable power cord? yes
Number of headphone jacks: 1
Jack output impedance: 32~600 ohms
Jack output: 2x800mw
Inputs: 1/2
Other outputs: no/tape loop
Upgrades: -
Housing material: Steel chassis, aluminum front panel and knobs
Size: 82×27×115 mm (DxWxH)
Weight: 2.5 kg
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discrete amplifier design
outputs with relais controlled switch-on delay

Picture of amp: ImageShack - Hosting :: lp992frontjb3.jpg
Amp manufacturer: Lake People electronic GmbH (Willkommen bei Lake People Elektronic GmbH)
In production?: yes
List price: about 350 euro
Current "street" price (used only if no longer in production): -
Type of amp: solid state
Stock tubes (only if tubed): -
Crossfeed?: no
Other processors?: no
Portable?: no
Power supply: AC
Detachable power cord?: yes
Number of headphone jacks: 2
Jack output impedance: 16-600 Ohm
Jack output:
610mW @600 Ohm, 1100mW @200 Ohm, 900mW @50 Ohm, 420mW @16 Ohm (by data on official website);
653mW @600 Ohm, 864mW @300 Ohm, 900mW @240 Ohm, 980mW @100 Ohm, 1040mW @60 Ohm, 1056mW @40 Ohm, 750mW @32 Ohm, 422mW @16 Ohm, (by data on paper user manual included with shipped amp);
1100mW @600 Ohm, 1300mW @300 Ohm, 1500mW @240 Ohm, 1800mW @100 Ohm, 1100mW @50 Ohm, 850mW @32 Ohm, 630mW @16 Ohm, (by downloadable older? G_99Manual.pdf)
Jack type: 2 x 1/4''
Inputs: 2 x XLR (L/R) female, electronically balanced; unbalanced 2 x Cinch(RCA) with priority
Other outputs: no
Speaker output rating: -
Possible upgrades/upgrade path: ?
Housing material: brushed Stainless Steel
Size (dimensions): 130 x44 x 170 mm (W x H xD)
Weight: ?


Nominal input sensitivity: +6dBu
Max. input: +22dB
Gain: +20
Impedance: 10 kohm
Frequency range: 0-50 kHz (-0,5 dB), 0-150 kHz (-3 dB)
Dynamic range: at 2x600R >116,5/120,5 dB (A-wtd), at 2x100R 112/114,5 dB (A-wtd)
Noise: < -86dBu / -90dBu (A-wtd)
THD+N: < 0,0016 % (1kHz / 2x800mW /100R)
Crosstalk: -103 dB (1kHz) / -93 dB (15 kHz)
volume control: ALPS RK 27 with optimized channel balance
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Portal Audio Panache

Picture of amp: Panache Close Left
Amp manufacturer: Portal Audio (Portal Audio Home Page)
Amp name/model: Panache
In production?: yes
List price: $1,795 (only available direct from manufacturer)
Current "street" price (used only if no longer in production): -
Type of amp: solid state
Stock tubes (only if tubed): -
Crossfeed?: no
Other processors?: no
Portable?: Not likely
Power supply: AC
Detachable power cord?: yes
Number of headphone jacks: 1
Jack output impedance: not specified (quote from website: "The output impedance of the headphone jack is so low, that any headphone with the appropriate plug should work optimally.")
Jack output: not specified (quote from website: "The Panache headphone output does not differ from the main output path except for the addition of a simple protection device. ")
Jack type: 1 x 1/4''
Inputs: 4 RCA unbalanced
Other outputs: line level record out
Speaker output rating: 100wpc @ 8 ohms; 200wpc @ 4 ohms
Possible upgrades/upgrade path: ?
Housing material: ugly black steel
Size (dimensions): 17" w x 4.5"h x 12"d(W x H xD)
Weight: 33 pounds

Other: Quote from manual: "The Portal Panache is an integrated amplifier with a passive preamp section and a high gain amplifier section. The signal from source passes through only one Alps selector and one Alps attenuator, both selected for their neutrality, before going directly to the amp input."

I personally have found this amp to be susceptible to ground loops. In particular, connecting a TV's output to the amp creates a strong hum, audible at listening distances and very audible through headphones. I've since completely isolated the amp from the TV system, with no audible hum present at all now.
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manufacturer: RAY-SAMUELS

Model : Emmeline HR-2
In production? yes
List price : 875$
Type of amp : solid state (AD797/OPA627 +? )
Power supply : Separate Box 25VA
Number of headphone jacks : 1
output impedance :
Jack type : 1/4"
Inputs : 1 / 50kohm
Housing material : metal
Size (dimensions): 6 x 4.5 x 1.5
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Amp manufacturer: DECWARE
Amp name/model: Zen Head / ZH1
In production? (yes/no): yes
List price: $395.00 / Factory Direct price: $295.00 / Kit price $195.00

Type of amp : Solid State Burr Brown OPA2132
Crossfeed? (yes/no, how many levels): yes, switchable on/off
Other processors? (yes/no, type, details): no, thank God.
Portable? (yes/no): yes
Power supply (batteries/AC): 1 - 9V Battery - lasts up to 50 hours.
Number of headphone jacks: 1
Jack output impedance: 32 ohms to 100 kohms
Jack output:
HiZ / 187 milliwatts 2.45V @ 32 ohms
LoZ / 778 milliwatts 4.45V @ 32 ohms
HiZ / 402 milliwatts 3.59V @ 75 ohms
LoZ / 800 milliwatts 7.75V @ 75 ohms
HiZ / 244 milliwatts 6.05V @ 150 ohms
LoZ / 567 milliwatts 9.23V @ 150 ohms
HiZ / 263 milliwatts 8.89V @ 300 ohms
LoZ / 366 milliwatts 10.49V @ 300 ohms
HiZ / 198 milliwatts 10.91V @ 600 ohms
LoZ / 268 milliwatts 12.7V @ 600 ohms

When used as a line level preamp:
HiZ / 015 milliwatts 12.5V @ 10Kohm ~ 100Kohms
LoZ / 015 milliwatts 12.5V @ 10Kohm ~ 100Kohms

Jack type (mini, 1/4", per jack if more than one): mini
Inputs (line, etc., how many): 1
Housing material (plastic, steel, aluminum, etc.): Machined aluminum
Size (dimensions): 1 x 3 x 5 inches
Weight: 9.6 oz

Link to product: DECWARE.COM

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