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Head-Direct RE0 or Grado SR60/80i?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by coldcoffee, Nov 14, 2011.
  1. Coldcoffee
    Hello Everyone!
    I have no experience in audio gear of any kind whatsoever, but i have been doing alot of research lately and decided to buy some new equipment. I have still not decided whether to go for in-ear or open back or closed back but am hoping you guys can help me out.
    Previously i owned Creative EP630 and was happy with it's sound. Not being able to comprehend terms like "sparkly sound" "extended highs" I would happy if you could help me choose something below 100$ and something that sounds like the creatives. I like my music to be clear and natural sounding.
    I mostly listen to pop rock(Maroon5 , Beatles, Adele, etc) and some electronic music. I am not too much into Bass and figured from the research that i should not go for closed back headphones. Reviews say the RE0 are very neutral sounding earphones and that is good for me but i will mostly listen to my music from ipod and pc. I have no plans to buy an amp anytime soon. So should i go for them still? Will the Grados sound better than RE0s or are there better open backs below 100? Any suggestions are welcome.
    My aim with this purchase is to be able to hear what neutral sound sounds like and then decide how i want my music to sound before i choose something costlier.
    Sorry for the long post!
  2. luvs2squizz
    You really need to decide if this purchase is for at home or on the go
    I've owned both of the products you're looking at at the same time, and while I can say the grados sound "better" I can also say I'd take the re0s every time if I'm going to leave the house

    Also if you're looking for neutral sound the re0s do better in that regard, grados are not neutral
  3. Coldcoffee
    I'll mostly be using them at home.
    And they sound better in what sense? What will suit the type of music i listen to? 
  4. yifu
    You would probably like the RE0s better, isolate better (very important if your house is noisey, as all Grados are open backed), respond better with amping/source component upgrades and fit in your pocket so you can always bring it out with you. The RE0 is mostly neutral, with a slight midbass hump and a slightly recessed highs (depending on tip) which explains the lack of sibilance on a lot problematic tracks mixed on studio monitors.
  5. luvs2squizz

    I, personally would get the grados then
    Again, grado headphones in general are not neutral
  6. Coldcoffee
    I have no problems with the open-back's leaking. What would be a better reference for future purchases?
  7. Coldcoffee
    What would be better for the kind of music i hear? Neutral or something else?~
  8. Redcarmoose
    The Grados would last longer.

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