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HD800 "Anaxilus" Mod

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by purrin, Oct 27, 2011.
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  1. purrin
    By request. It is based on the JaZZ and arnaud mods. I am calling it the Anaxilus mod because he just sort of slapped on what materials we had lying around: Creatology adhesive foam sheets. At that time, I was using a less effective version of this mod with felt, but decided to switch to the Anax version because it was more effective at taming the treble.
    The circular cut actually extends slightly past the metal ring into the mesh area. The dust guards are also removed to extend the treble out a little more.
    EDIT: more pics by request.
    It just so happens that a roll of teflon tape (from Home Depot) can be used to draw the circumference of the inner cutout on the foam.

    Look Mommy! Real results confirmed by measurements, not voodoo.

    This is what it actually does to the FR. The green line is stock. The yellow line is the Anax mod. We can look at this two ways. Either it brings everything below 2.5kHz up 2-3db, or shoves everything above 2.5kHz down 2-3db.
    This mod is why I've avoided expensive cables for the HD800.
  2. krod3003
    Probably wrong place and time to ask, but what program or product did you use to get that graph?
  3. purrin
    Some ancient version of CLIO running on an early Pentium 4.
  4. LFF
    Wow...that change doesn't look like much. However, you can hear a huge sonic difference.
  5. purrin
    The graph is a bit squished - uncharacteristic of me. 3db is huge - especially if you apply it as a shelving EQ in the middle of the band.
  6. Anaxilus
    Subscribed.  [​IMG]
    Yeah, aligning the bass curves would show a better picture since everyone is fixated on the treble of the HD800.
    I think you had some CSD's too?  Might be good so people can see no small mammals were hurt during this mod.
  7. purrin
      HD800-1.txt.jpg   HD800-5.txt.jpg
    Left is stock. Right is with mods. Better with much less stored energy around 5-6kHz. Worse with some extraneous low level hash in the treble.
  8. Draygonn
    I listened to purrin's modded HD800s at the Irvine meet. I liked them so much I bought the company a pair from amazon.
    Alpha Mike likes this.
  9. igotyofire


    I would like to work for this said company! If not hiring my existing company could use a pair as well :)  . Oh & i heard them at the meet too! & now i want a pair
  10. Alpha Mike

    Me too.
  11. shane55
    Hey purrin... you bringing them to the Bay Area meet??
    Hmmmm???  [​IMG]
  12. Anaxilus


    I'll make him.
  13. poikkeus
    Hey, I'm in the Bay Area, and I'd like to hear them in the meet, too. I'm quite a fan of the HD800's treble detail, but I like the idea of better sound.
  14. Shahrose
    Great stuff. I'll give this a shot.
    I was hesitant to try JaZZ's mods when they were lacking measured improvements, but with these response graphs, it really looks worthwhile. Cheers
  15. purrin
    By request - more pics (higher rez) added to original post.
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