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HD414 Quartermod for Grado SR60i: Few questions about the procedure

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kimtw3035, Dec 13, 2012.
  1. kimtw3035
    I live in South Korea, so I don't have access to an American quarter. The diameter of an American quarter is 24.26mm, and the coin that matches that number the closest is the 100won coin (24mm exactly). 
    Will there be a problem if I use a 24mm diameter instead of the quarter? Thank you! 
  2. kimtw3035
    Oh and another question, is a small box cutter shown here sharp enough? Thanks again 
  3. whoelse
    I actually cut them with a cheap hair stylist type sissor free hand with no references.
  4. kimtw3035
    Are those the comfty pads? 
    Alright, i'll use the box cutters then :)
    Oh, and any ideas for the coin? Will the 24mm one be any different compared to using an actual quarter? 
  5. whoelse
    I think it is call S-Cushion. Comfy where are old one, Grado have a time issue another version call flat. Now flat can be purchase from TTVJ. After I cut the S-Cushion it is basically flat cushion, it sounds the same as L-Cushion (bowl) but more comfortable. I have the L-Cushion too and I like it that's why I modify the S-Cushion :)
    What I want to share is that after you cut the hole, you put the fleshy cut one on the headphone and have the original hole that supposedly for the headphone outside (reversing). So it will look nice and hide the one you cut. Perfect :)
    As you can see, after I cut mine I trip it with a pair of salon sissors using the original hole as template. It is easy and quite perfectly done and it was my first attempt.
  6. MegaMushroom
    There should be no issue of size.  .24 mm is well with in tolerances.  I'm sure other members have cut it smaller or bigger.  My goal would be to make it looks nice. 
  7. kimtw3035
    Wow alright thanks, I'll jump on that soon.
    I'm so scared I might mess up the cutting.........................................

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