HD-800 Cable Comparison: ALO Audio, WyWires, Norne, Furutech, Kimber
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New 800S owner here. Just inside 2 months. I got the HK based Labkable is it sounds great. I have spend a ton of money on cable this year as a newbie in Head Fi. I do also love the Toxic cable on my other HP's but that one takes like 10 weeks before delivery. So now I just order from Labkable most of the time. Cheers.
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a little saturation of head fi on this, but a blurb and pick here. Double helix prion 4 balanced in the house and as always with peters stuff, superb  . 

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I was thinking about buying a set of HD800s. Looking at how you need to buy extra cables I don't think I'll bother....
You do not understand. You do NOT have to buy extra cables for the HD 800. You should want to do so in the interest of improving their sound. Just a simple copper Norne Draug 3 can increase the dynamics, bass and smooth the treble. All for $300. The WyWires Red also improves the sound as stated above. Again for $300. Both these cables are good performers.
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Hi everyone..

I own a HD800, tuned with the Italian Invictus pads.. That was already a little improve.
But the best improve I could find was to make all the cable by myself, with pure silver cable, 4 stranded conductors, 4 x 2,5 meters.
It didn't cost such a lot..
It was some work, but a great pleasure to ear the result, with brighter sound and really lower bass.

So, I believe in details, in each component, with, component after component, can make a difference..
That was only a point of view.
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If you can make your own cables, it can be well worth the effort. Some of the makers are happy to share how best to build one, as really you're paying for them to construct it for the most part, and may even sell you the raw materials.

I've had it in mind to do an updated version of this comparison with one or another of the new flagship headphones, especially as not only are they more resolving, but I have more resolving gear here.

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