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HD 650 vs. RS1 vs. HE-500 for Rock Music

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vitax, Nov 30, 2012.
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  1. VitaX
    I can't quite decide between these three headphones here for Alternative/classic/hard rock music. I have not tried any of these headphones, but I do own some HD 555s at the moment. While they are pretty comfortable (Usually can wear for 5 + hours without any soreness around ears), they do have a problem with the headband. On both sides it has cracked. I'm assuming this doesn't happen with the HD 650, but was just curious if the issue was fixed or not. I've read from several threads around here that the Grado RS1's are the 'king' for rock music in this price range. I've read some conflicting things about the comfort of Grado headphones so I'm unsure if I should pursue them or not since I tend to wear my headphones for quite a while in one sitting. As for the HiFiMan HE-500s, I was recommended those based on the budget I listed, but I haven't really seen or read any comparisons on them against the RS1's. These are currently my thoughts and why I'm torn as to what to choose. Any more recommendations or thoughts on these is appreciated. I'd like to make a decision soon and make the purchase. I need some high quality music :D.
  2. Gradofan2
    Well... I prefer... the RS-1's, PS500's, and PS1000's... and... the "new version" HD580/600's/650's to the HE-500's.  
    Of these, the RS-1's, PS500's are probably my favorites for the money... though... the "new version" Senns aren't bad, when coupled with a silver cable, and a well matched setup.  I just prefer their tone, tenor, and especially their clarity.  
  3. nehcrow
    Alessandro MS-Pro's?
  4. VitaX
    Would the MS-Pro's most resemble the RS1's?
  5. misc100
    I was just testing headphones this week. HD-650 is excellent but HE-500 is better. With HE-500 I stop asking how much better audio reproduction could get and just enjoy the music. When it comes to rock music I appreciate the texture HE-500 renders.
  6. Atriya
    Where would you say the HE-400 stands in this comparison? Maybe it's expected that HE-400 < HE-500, but how about HE-400 compared to HD650?
  7. eltocliousus
    In a similar league in terms of price yes, but I'd consider the HE-400 to be the better overall, in just about every way except soundstage. MattTCG has good experience with both if you want to ask for his opinion.
  8. VitaX
    Anyone have thoughts on the comfort of each headphone? Or maybe something else they want to recommend. I'm open ears at this point.
  9. jerg Contributor
    Here is the worst-case comfort scenarios with each of the three headphones titled:
    HD650 - jaw torture (clamp force)
    RS1 - ear torture (uneven earpad pressure distribution and material)
    HE500 - neck torture (heavy weight)
    Now these may or may not apply to you, depending on your head shape, how strong your neck is, and how "finicky" you are about comfort.
  10. VitaX
    Thanks for that comparison. Gives me more insight into them anyway. Do the pads on the RS1s shape around your ears like Sennheiser's tend to do or just lay flat on your ears>
  11. jerg Contributor
    Depends on which ones you use, there are earpad variants for Grado headphones AFAIK. You might wanna ask about the details in a Grado thread, or find a head-fier who is very knowledgeable in Grados.
  12. talisman42
    RS1i pads on on-ear (L-cush).
  13. VitaX
    Do most people prefer the on-ear pads as opposed to ones that wrap around the ear?
  14. talisman42
    From what I've observed (and personal), most will prefer the comfort with the wrap around the ear styling over the on-ear especially for long-term use.
  15. HeatFan12 Contributor
    LOL...Reading this I immediately thought of powerlifters all over the world trying to enjoy music with headphones...[​IMG]
    I own two of the headphones mentioned and have listened to the other and have to say I have enjoyed great music with all three...What does your chain look like?  The HE-500s and RS1s will get away with sounding decent with a subpar source but the HD 650s need an amp.
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