HD 595 or akg k501? (un amped)
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May 3, 2008
Was going to buy the ATH-AD700 till I read reviewers had problems with how it sits on your head. Since I have a relatively small head, I have decided against it.

Now its down to the HD 595 £85, or the AKG K501 £103. I noticed the headphone guide recommended the 501 be used with an amp, however I dont usually use high volumes.

Will be used with a Creative X-Fi music card and mostly for classical, acoustic guitar and films.

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well imo the k501 is definetly better, but it needs an amp. Needing an amp has little to do with 'high volumes', but more what kind of sound your getting out of your headphones. Un-amped the 595 will sound better (I think), but amped, the k501 will sound much better.
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Would something as cheap as this suffice? Or is everybody thinking more along the lines of Pro-ject Headbox Headphone Amp?

Think I will buy the K501 for now, hear it for myself and purchase an amp later if I think it really needs it - my standards are probably a lot lower than most of you here. Though I will prob buy a <£100 amp just to satisfy my curiosity.

I only came to this forum to replace my HD555's with something as good or slightly better. Now im going to be forking out £100 for headphones and probably an £80 amp. Thanks a lot...

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