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Having a Cowon J3 isuue any help?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bender1987, Jul 8, 2012.
  1. Bender1987
    Hey guys figured i would ask for some help here.
    I just got my Cowon J3 and overall it seems to be working very well.
    However it seems to get hung up and freeze on certain FLAC's.
    From what i can tell i think it is the Bit-Rate of the FLAC's i have. Now most of these files
    on my hard drive are from friends and people i have met in my years of travel, so i do not have the albums
    available to my person, and i do not pirate music so.... what options do i have to change the Bit-Rates of the files
    i have? I cant seem to get lossywave to work because i am not the best with programs like it IE i am pretty bad
    with in deep file naming and type editing. so do have any other options? am i screwed? any help would be great thanks guys!
  2. doublea71
    You're probably trying to play 24/96 bit rate files, which the J3 will not do. You can convert the files from flac to flac (which sounds redundant, but isn't) with Cowon's jetAudio, or some other program like foobar2000, and it'll be downsampled to 16/44, which the J3 will play without a hitch.
  3. Bender1987
    Hey  doublea thanks for the info man, the jetAudio program will let me convert the flac's over and they seem to be doing great
    Thanks again !
  4. doublea71
    Good to hear and glad I could help. 

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