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Havi b3 pro 1 thread 2.0

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  1. Storyteller
    I had the exact same problem, only it happened the first day of use... So instead of wasting my money returning it to China, I decided to fix it using black thread. I covered patiently the rubber piece, the joint with the exposed wire and 10-15cm of that thin black cable. The result was not bad. After some weeks it was holding up, but then the right plastic capsule cracked, like so many other people reported. So I opened them, re-cabled with a spare KZ cable from a ZST, sealed the cracks and did the same thing again with black thread, this time covering everything back to the jack.

    Since then, I´ve been using them regularly for 3-4 months with no problems. My next step is probably re-cable them again with a better cable, but somehow I´ve grown fond of this thick and strange frankenstein thing. That´s how much I love the Havis. Even with the broken cable at the joint the first day and the cracked right piece barely a week after, I can´t find another IEM to replace it. It's been months repairing them, inventing fixes and re-attaching small broken pieces. Even the nozzle came out completely while changing tips.

    I only paid 33€ form them in Aliexpress last 11.11 Sale. I know I should move on, but I just can't...

    I hope this little cable fix with black thread can be useful. It's not a clean solution, but it worked for me until the plastic piece broke and had to open them and operate. I suspect a large amount of Havi B3's use that same faulty material and cracks over time with a little pressure from manipulation or no pressure at all. Maybe that has something to do with Havi not releasing B6 or anything else. I don't really know.

    I still can't replace them. My little frankenstein.

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  2. Dany1
    Wow that's alot of work you did there and it kinda looks nice tbh.Well glad that you were to able to fix your B3.I love my havi just as much.When my first pair died due to a blown driver *sigh high volume gain on amp*,i ordered a second pair because i really like it's sound signature.

    This is what i tried a week ago.I accidentally spilled some hard glue on plastic capsule and my B3 started to look ugly.So tried to decorate it with glitter glue lol.I've removed it all now tho.

    To fix the issue myself,last week i tried the cotton thread aswell but not to the extent as you did lol.I tried to cover the exposed wire with a black thread but mine was lighter and yours seem a bit thick.So i covered the exposed wire with thread then applied UHU glue all over the thread and the joints around it.Then applied transparent tape all over it.However,since i've zero experience with this sort of stuff and it didn't go well so i had to remove all that thread,glue and tape.Maybe i should give it a try again and try to do it properly this time.I asked for help on the chinese iem thread aswell and someone has suggested me to try sugru and it would work well.But i'll have to order that from aliexpress and wait nearly a month for it to arrive.Which means in the meantime i won't be able to use my Havi b3 due to fear of breaking the wire.Hard choice whether i should be patient and go with sugru or try the thread cover up method again. :triportsad:
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2017
  3. ozkan
    Apply heat-shrink tube on the copper wire or cover with black electrical tape .
  4. Dany1
    I shall check out the heat shrink aswell as it was suggested before in an another thread.Not sure how it works and where to look for it.But i'll see whatever seems to be the best option.
  5. Storyteller
    We should do a pageant of broken Havis.
  6. danimoca
    Some pretty stylish looking Havi's we have here :D
  7. Dany1

    Lol so this is how i covered the exposed copper wire now.With a clay moulding that's meant for kids. :dt880smile: it's holding it pretty well so far and i've tried to properly distribute the weight and the mould adjusts to the position when i wear it over the ear and is now acting like a memory wire.I guess this should be safe enough to finally use my havi again now.I still plan to get some sugru or heatshrink tho.But for the time being,atleast i can listen to them again until i settle for a more solid fix.
  8. Ruben123
    Where's all the Havi love? They're not being sold anymore I saw.
  9. Podster
    Don't quote me on this Ruben but I either read or heard that they are building a whole new iem and that the B3 in all iterations were going to be end of life soon. May be a few if you could search all sellers but I'm sure that is now getting slim to none:scream: I know many will be looking forward to a none cracking shell version:wink:
  10. Mr Trev
    It's hoarding time!!

    I do hope - if what you said is true - that it isn't vapourware this time
  11. peter123
    I'm all settled with three B3P1 and two B3P2 :wink:

    Amazingly I've not had any issues with any of them and four of them have seen quite a bit of usage. My last pair of the Pro1 is still safe in its retail box though......
  12. Podster
    Right! Some had mentioned metal shells and if they would have the same timbre and more importantly the sweet and canyon wide soundstage:yum:
  13. Podster
    A NIB Pro1, that's it I officially hate you:grimacing:
  14. peter123
    And I thought everybody has one :wink:
  15. Podster
    I have one and I'm kicking myself for not getting the 2 when you said they were pretty good as well, now it looks as I'll really need to baby my Pro1's!!! Havi B3 Carbonized.JPG

    Just the Way Mr. T said Hoarding time that tune Closing Time by Semisonic (I Think) popped into my head:rolling_eyes:

    Actually should have a pageant for all repaired/modded Havi's:grinning: You know if anyone ever wanted to know just how good the Havi's are all they would need to do is come in here and see what great lengths some have gone to in order to save "Me Precious" :wink:
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2017
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