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Havi b3 pro 1 thread 2.0

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  1. DeLaw
    I now have the Fiio F5 and these are the best Fiio has to offer and have my Havi's sitting in a box.Price wise they beat some two or three times the price.
  2. beowulf
    Seems that my B3 P1 are finally joining the group of dying units. The fairly flimsy cable is losing the plastic near the earpieces. A lot of wiring is exposed already, most likely won't survive long even with a fairly comfortable office-desk life.

    You know these things are special when I look at it and immediately think "Hmm maybe I should get another pair while they're still available" even having alternatives like the Andromeda available.

    No damage at all in the glass or shells by the way, merely the cable. Which is perhaps the B3P1s weak point (near the shells, the flat ribbon is actually quite nice, but the design is flawed from the Y split forward).
  3. Midgetguy
    That flat cable part has its quirks and can be annoying at times (for me at least), but I agree that the cabling above the y-split is where it runs into trouble. The cable itself isn't really all that sturdy and those strain reliefs don't look like they really relieve anything. I've been lucky enough to not have any cracked shells or glass either.
  4. DJScope
    My unit is almost 3 years old and has hundreds, if not thousands, of hours on it, but they're still in good shape.
  5. beowulf
    Mine looked perfect but in a matter of a day or two, the wire opened near the shell (I suppose it was already a bit dry and it just cracked" and really expanded very quickly. It really surprised me.
    They're still working, tho. Might last some months more until an unhappy tug finally breaks the wire.
  6. stilleh
    I've had the Havis for about 2 years now and they are wonderfully cruel. They are really not good for all types of music but for some, like acoustic and what I call "music to chill out to" they are out of this world. They destroy many of my other options and are really only rivaled by my zen 2.0 black cardas and my Sennheiser hd650.

    With better build quality I'd easily pay double the price for another set of these wonderful iems.

    Havi is THE Soundstage inear earphone.
  7. Midgetguy
    I was kinda hoping the B6 was gonna do exactly that: sound better and provide better fit and ergonomic shape. But the B6 has been MIA a for a long time now, not sure if we'll ever see it.
  8. hemipowered007
    Ah the b6. The one who's name shall not be mentioned. I doubt they'll ever make it. Maybe it was the growing market for multi driver iems 5hat scared them off, maybe they could never get it to sound better than the b3p1, the world may never know unfortunately. I was also very much looking forward to the b6. Now I'm looking at either Sony xba z5 or just going full on broke and buying an andromeda, maybe just the .ca Jupiter. Damn you havi.
  9. Vy7478
    Worth getting the Havi's if i already own the Re-400's?
  10. hemipowered007
    I think so. I like the havi more than I ever liked the re400, it's different enough to justify owning both.
    Vy7478 likes this.
  11. Vy7478
    Thanks, any chance you have heard the Carbo Tenore? I'm having a hard time deciding between that and the B3's
  12. Vy7478
    Can anyone comment on the B3 Pro 1 vs the KZ line of earphones? I currently own the KZ ZS3's and am wondering whether the B3 would be a good addition. :)
  13. beowulf
    I should have a ZS5 soon, it's in the mail.
    Had other KZs, but only the ATE and the ZST. They were both substantially worse than the Havi, for my ears.

    If you want a Havi alternative with an equally (or even wider) soundstage/air, the Fiio EX1 is a good choice. It's basically a half-priced Dunu Titan 1 and IMHO offers better value than the F5 even.
    Unlike the Havi it is very permeable to outside noise, tho.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2017
    Vy7478 likes this.
  14. danimoca
    Yes, the EX1's do have a large soundstage (just a tad smaller than the Havi's). However, the rest of the sound is very, very different. The Fiio's are a lot bassier and harsher in the mids and highs. Overall I prefer the Havi's.

    Shame about the cable. Mine broke some time ago. Might actually buy another set and recable them.
  15. Dany1
    Help me guys ....my B3 is about to die if i don't fix this soon.There was a small cut on rubber coating and i applied glue and then tape all over it.But it wasn't reliable and i could still some wire exposed so i had to remove that and whole rubber coating now came off at this point.Miraculously the earphone still works fine and copper wire and the small green wire along it is still intact.But it's only a matter of time until it breaks if i don't do something about it.I've zero experience on how to solve this properly.So if anyone can please help me out i'd appreciate it.

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